news :: April 2006

multi2K Games Announces Prey Pre-Order Program
multiMarvel: Ultimate Alliance Game
otheriMagic Mobile, New Mobile Phone Game Company Launched
mobileNew from Xing Mobile: Dig Dog Out
pcBig Kahuna Headed Back to the Reef
consolesSEGA Rally Returns
otherPlayStation Extends Sponsorship of UEFA Champions League
otherNintendo Introduces Wii
consolesSEGA Announces World Snooker Championship 2007
pcCrown Of Glory Announced
pcHeroes of Annihilated Empires Goes Open Beta Version
pciTAGG Launches Content Delivery Platform and Signs 8bit Games Ltd
mobileBeta Version of Pirates of the Caribbean Multiplayer Mobile Game
pcPostal 2: Share the Pain and Apocalypse Weekend on Mac
consoles'World Pool Championship 2007' and 'World Pool Challenge 2007'
pc?Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends? Gets Gold-Plating
pcBlack & White 2: Battle of the Gods Expansion Pack is Shipping
pcLighthouse to Launch Ship Simulator 2006
mobileMobile 3D Gaming Breakthrough!
consoles?Infernal? - Unveiling of a New Hero for the Demonic Game
pcRush For Berlin: New Technical Details Are Unveiled
on-lineVersion 2.0 of The Endless Forest
on-lineGuild Wars Factions Ships Worldwide
mobileAtari Announces HOT PXL
pcWeird Worlds Mac Attack
mobileHands-On Mobile Launches 'The Incredible Hulk: Rampage'
on-lineThe Public Beta for 'Bang. Howdy' is Coming in May
consolesSEGA to Publish Virtua Tennis 3 for Consoles
pcEnemy Territory: Quake Wars Character Class Overview
multiVoices of X-Men: The Official Game
consoles?Mobile Ops: The One Year War? For Xbox 360 by Namco
otherDatel's Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit
consolesEuropean Release for 'Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2'
pcDeer Drive Launched
pcBlitzkrieg 2 Expansion to Focus on Collapse of the Third Reich
mobileNew From Xing Mobile: Amsterdam Street Racer
otherLatest Firmware Upgrade Available for Download Now
mobileTwo Tribes Announces the Row of Its New Mobile Games
mobileFishlabs Announces Burning Tires 3D
mobileOzura's World Soccer 2006
multiManufacturer Overview: Spyker
otherEar Force X2 Headphones - Official Headset of Major League Gaming
pcThe Ship by Mindscape is Coming in September
consolesArcade-Fighter 'Super DBZ' Smashes Its Way on to PlayStation 2
pcLTB to Provide Headphones to Vivendi Universal Games at E3
pcA New Trailer of ?Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory? is Announced
mobileHudson Entertainment Brings Back Bonk
consolesMidway's Rampage: Total Destruction is Shipping
mobileHeroCraft HiTech Releases Arcade Park for PDAs and Smartphones
consolesBattlestations: Midway
pcThe Movies: Stunts & Effects Fact Sheet
pcThe Adventure Company Announces Safecracker
consolesUrban Chaos: Riot Response to be Available from May 19th
consolesCastlevania Bites Back on Nintendo DS
mobileNamco Bandai Announces ?The Legend of Heroes II? For PSP
mobileVivendi Unveils Miami Vice The Game For PSP
consolesStock Car Crash for PlayStation 2
consolesWWII: Tank Battles by Midas
pcEA Announces Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars
consolesHi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: The Genie and the Amp for the NintendoDS
mobileCometa Win With World Cup Shootout
pcMake Your PC Sparkle and Shine with Rainbow Colors!
mobileHandyGames Release Townsmen Racing
mobileFPR Superbikes Coming Later April
consolesComplete Final Fantasy XI Series on Xbox 360 Out This Week
consolesProject Gotham Racing 3 Barrels onto Xbox Live Marketplace
pc'Stranger' Dictates New Magic Laws
pcTake Command: 2nd Manassas to Release in the UK on May 5th
multi'Black Buccaneer' by 10Tacle Studios is Announced
pcDeep Sea Tycoon: Diver's Paradise
pcMaelstrom's Factions Revealed
mobileCabbage Patch Kids: The Patch Puppy Rescue for Game Boy Advance
mobileWorld Poker Tour for PSP System is Shipping
mobileMajor League Baseball 2K6 for PSP System is Available
mobileInfoSpace Announces Marbleous New Mobile Game
consolesRelease Date for GTA: Liberty City Stories is Announced
mobileIce Planet Mobile Game to Coincide With TV Premiere
pcBethesda to Publish PotC: The Legend of Jack Sparrow
multiVivendi Universal Games Unveils Eragon
consolesDestroy All Humans! 2 is Announced
other2006 Fifa World Cup Music Soundtracks Are Unveiled
pcStrategy First and Akella Team Up to Develop Disciples III
pcWelcome to Paradise city...
otherQuake 4 Invades Macintosh - Intel And PowerPC
consolesLarryBoy Game Comes to Consoles
on-lineSphere: Dreamland is Released
mobileImpossible Presents Sonya Winter Sports
mobileDave Mirra BMX Challenge for PSP on Howard Stern In Demand Now
mobileImpossible's 3D Space Trading Simulator
pc'Stranger' by Fireglow Games
on-line?Ultimate Baseball Online 2006? Announced for the PC
pcViva Media Releases AGON
pcMoscow To Berlin: Red Siege is Unveiled
pcBelief & Betrayal: New Impressions From a World of Conspiracies
on-lineNCsoft Launches Auto Assault
pcCave Jumper Leaps into Action
mobileAlten8 to Release Range of One Button Phone Games
multiAtari Confirms New 'Alone in the Dark' for PC
mobileOffice Survivors - The Revenge Of The Boss
mobileKonami Digital Entertainment Debuts New 3D Mobile Titles
mobileRonnie O'Sullivan Snooker Game Now Available
multiEgyptian Action Adventure at the Schanz Stand At E3
multiUbisoft and Gearbox Software's 'Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway'
pcNew Character Class For Hellgate: London is Unveiled
pcViva Media's My Sim Aquarium
pcThe Witcher at E3
pcCall of Duty 2 Multiplayer Update Now Available
otherLara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend Hits European Charts
pcSemper Fidelis - Marine Corps is Coming
pcProSIM Unleashes Another Patch Barrage
pcDiscover the Magic of the King Tut's Treasure
pcSEGA Ships 'Condemned: Criminal Origins' for the PC
consolesBattlefield 2: Modern Combat for Xbox 360 is Shipping
consolesUbisoft Unveils Exclusive Nintendo Revolution Title: Red Steel
mobileGUN Showdown on PSP
consolesIn2Games' Real World Golf Hits US Shelves
consolesFirst Revolution Screenshots Revealed
multiMore Than 1.7 Million Units of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Shipping
otherXSATA - the Xbox 360 Hard Drive Back-Up Solution - is Released
consolesCrusty Demons Comes to PS 2 This Summer
consolesMajor League Baseball 2K6 for Xbox 360 Now Available
pcPhoenicas by Mytaras is Announced
pcShrapnel Games and the ProSIM Patch Their Lables
mobileWorld Poker Tour for PSP Has Gone Gold
multiManufacturer: Lamborghini
pcWilco's A400M Airlifter's Release Date is Set for 12th May 2006
pcRush For Berlin: the Officers
pcSudden Strike 3: Arms For Victory - Fresh Information
mobileAtlus U.S.A. Announces Battle B-Daman For the Game Boy Advance
pcPreview Version of 'Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso' is Available
mobileI-play Reveals 79% Satisfaction Rate Amongst Mobile Gamers
mobileMobile Amusements and Overloaded Release Kakuro World Cup
mobileAlten8 to Release 'Eternity's Child'
pcSin Emergence In Stores May 12th
consolesCarol Vorderman Sudoku Appears on Sony Platforms
multiDreamfall: The Longest Journey
on-lineBlizzard Opens A New Hosting Site For World Of Warcraft In Europe
pcWildlife Park 2: Gaming On The Wildside
mobileTringo from Liquid Games
mobileGlu Mobile Announces Two World Series of Poker Mobile Products
mobileAncient Empires II Wins Mobie Best Strategy Game of 2005 Award
otherMicrosoft Game Studios Acquires Lionhead Studios
mobileWarhammer 40.000: Glory in Death Hits Stores
pcStrategy First to Sign Etrom Game
on-lineNew Content For Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach
consolesTom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas - First Information
mobileTokyo Xtreme Racer Advance Fact Sheet
pcG2 Announces Limbo Of The Lost For 2006
otherXbox 360: Official Xbox Magazine Has Lara Croft Covered
multiSuper-Bikes: Riding Challenge is Announced by Black Bean
pcAlten8 Releases Space Tanks
consolesLara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend - Exclusive Xbox 360 Demo
otherGlu Mobile Acquires iFone
multiLiquid Games Continues Quest
otherNintendo Updates Spring 2006 Software Lineup
pcUbisoft Enters the Wild West With Call of Juarez Video Game
pcMac Port of Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space in Late Beta
mobileSuper Futsal 2006 from Xing Mobile
pcContact Sales Signs Deal to Distribute Lock On Gold
multiHitman: Blood Money on Xbox 360
otherAspyr Media Ships The Sims 2 Nightlife for Macintosh
mobile'Walt Disney Pictures Presents The Wild' Game by Buena Vista
pcQuesTrix Now Available
pcDangerous Waters Makes Waves
otherFox Stole Scrat & Scrat Stole the Show
pcTwo New Additions to the Tycoon Series
mobilePlayer One Releases 'Davis Cup Tennis' Game
mobileIgnition Signs Puyo Pop Fever for PSP and Nintendo DS
mobileEA Brings 2006 FIFA World Cup to Mobile Phones
multiManufacturer: Aston Martin
pcSpitfire and Tempest
multiIce Age 2: The Meltdown
mobileOffice Massacre To Become Office Zombies
pcDragon Orbs Burns Its Way to Release
consolesGameStop Announces "Sign Up and Ride"
mobileShaun of the Dead Comes Alive on Mobiles
pcOpening Day Announced for OOTP Baseball 2006
otherXbox, Ledley King, Adidas and EA to Search Gamers for WC 2006
mobileNew from Xing Mobile: Piggy Banker and Street Cat Trouble
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