news :: November 2006

hardwareSwapGame Announces 'The SwapGame Wii Giveaway' Promotion
softwareReef Entertainment Scoops Free Running from Rebellion
softwareUndercover: Dual Motives - New Details Revealed
softwareEA Sports Fight Night Round 3 is a Knock Out With Mobile Fans
businessGraphics Whores: How They're Ruining Games
businessCity of Heroes Developer Journal: Crafting the Veteran Rewards Program
softwareCity of Heroes Issue 8: To Protect & Serve Interview
softwareThe Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Review
softwareSpaceStationSim Launches Into Retail Orbit In North America
software'Viva Pi?ata' Comes to Europe
softwareForge of Freedom: The American Civil War Is Now Available
businessEx Atari Executive Joins MumboJumbo as VP of North American Sales
softwareNew Screens for Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel Released
softwareFinal Trailers Now Available for Lumines II and Every Extend Extra
businessSIL Wins Nokia's Best Mobile Game Award
businessThe First Winner of the PES 6 Tournament Held in Emirates Stadium
softwareRunaway: The Dream of the Turtle - All about the Locations
hardwareIncredible Level of Pre-Orders for Wii Across Europe
hardwareHMV Partners with Nintendo for Official UK Midnight Wii Launch
softwareNew Weird Worlds Upgrade/Patch Now Available for the PC
softwareGlu Unveils Vehicle Lineup for Project Gotham Racing Mobile
softwareShip Simulator 2006 Add-On announced
hardwareSony PSP, Nintendo Wii and DS Line-up from A4T
hardwareWii Sells 600,000 Units in Americas
businessMMOWTF: No Nos for MMOs
softwareMedieval II: Total War Review
businessMumboJumbo Launches New Group in Europe
softwareMassive Assault Network 2 Released for Digital Download
softwareDogz, Catz, Horsez and Hamsterz Up for Adoption
hardwareTalismoon Releases 'Wild Jungle' Fur Fascia Faceplates for Xbox 360
hardwareDream Arcades Introduces a 100-inch Home Video Arcade Center
software'Strawberry Shortcake Dance Dance Revolution' Shipped
softwareWu Hing: The Five Elements
hardwareThe War of Next-Gens: Analysis
businessgoSupermodel Funding Secured
softwareMetal Slug Anthology for Wii to Come Yearly Next Year
hardwareWrapstar Announces New Skins for Sony PSP and Nintendo DS
businessAge of Conan: Developer Profile Interview - Heidi Schmidt
softwareConspiracy Races onto the Wii
businessTrinigy Becomes a Tools & Middleware Licensee for PlayStation 3
hardwareXbox 360 Celebrates Its First Birthday with New Content
hardwareSanDisk Supports Nintendo Wii Launch With Special Gaming Card
softwareBrian Lara International Cricket 2007 Pioneers Online Multiplayer
businessSexism in MMORPGs
hardwareFree Alert Service for PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii Fans Launched
softwareAtari Offers New Downloadable Content for Test Drive Unlimited
softwareThrillville Is Shipping
softwareThe Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Game Announced
softwareStar Wars: The Best of PC Now Available
softwareThe Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to Launch on December 8
software?Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2? to Ship on February, 16 '07
hardwarePlayStation Network Fact Sheet
software2K Sports' College Hoops 2K7 Now Available
softwareDisney's Chicken Little: Ace in Action Blasts Off Final Wii Trailer
businessMMOWTF: Along Came a Merger
businessBehind the Online: Persistence is Futile
businessDark and Light: Inactive Accounts Charged
businessAnarchy Online: Craig Morrison Interview
softwareTwo Classic Hudson Titles Now Available on the Wii Virtual Console
softwareLuxor 2 Takes #1 Selling Casual Game Position on RealArcade
softwareNinja Loves Pirate New Demo Released
softwareVanguard: Saga of Heroes New Combat Trailer Released
softwareUbisoft Lets the Dogz Out
softwareDisney's Chicken Little: Ace in Action for PS2 and Nintendo DS Ships
softwareMadden NFL 07 and Need for Speed Carbon for Wii Available
hardwareToshiba Releases New Intel Core 2 Duo-powered Gaming Notebook
hardwareSony Launches PlayStation 3, but Microsoft Has It All to Prove
softwareRising Star Games Unveils New Title in the Evolution Series for PSP
hardwareTalismoon Issues 'Wild Jungle' Fur Faceplates for Xbox 360 and PSP
hardwareiRecord Records Hi-Res Video Directly to Apple iPod and Sony PSP
softwareCity Life: World Edition to Ship on January 15, 2007
businessMMO Release Dates: Timing the Market
businessWorld of Warcraft Editorial: Two Casual Years Later
hardwareWhat Is Wii?
softwareEA to Bring Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars to Xbox 360
softwareMadden NFL 07, Need For Speed Carbon and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 for Sony PlayStation 3 Are Available
hardwareNintendo's Wii: A Gateway to New Experiences
softwareFrontline: Kursk Turns into Frontline: Fields of Thunder
softwareRidge Racer 7 and Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire for PS3 Shipping
softwareTake-Two Interactive Develops 20 Games for PlayStation 3
hardwarePlayStation 3 Arrives to U.S. Stores!
hardwareNintendo Hosts Wii Midnight Launch at Toys ?R? Us Times Square
hardwareJoytech Unveils Nintendo Wii Accessory Line
softwareMidway Ships LA Rush for PSP
hardwareUpgrade Your Nintendo DS Lite to an MP3 Player
softwareRising Star Games Confirms Rainbows for PSP
hardwareNintendo's Wii Wiill Arrive on November, 19
softwareEA Launches New Dark Age of Camelot Titles
softwareBlack Bean to Release 'SBK'07 - Superbike World Championship'
softwareColin McRae: DIRT Gets Accelerated with Neon Engine
softwareDominions 3 Enters Second Print Run
softwareHigh Stakes Professional Pool Breaks on to Mobile Handsets
softwareJoWooD Presents the Teaserpage for 'Freak Out ? Extreme Freeride'
softwareMerscom to Release Glyph
softwareTHQ Announces Expansion to Titan Quest for Windows PC
software2K to Bring Sid Meier's Pirates! to the PSP System in February
softwareBungie Studios Prepares ?Halo? Nation to Finish the Fight
softwareActivision's PlayStation 3 and Wii Games Are Shipping
softwareNew GameCube Screens for Zatchbell!: Mamodo Fury Released
softwareBlitzkrieg 2: Fall of the Reich Fact Sheet
softwareEA Offers NBA Live 07 for Mobile Phones
softwarePS3 Movie Player and Media Manager Available for US PS3 Launch
businessFireglow Forms Publishing Label, Opens 2 New Development Studios
businessAmaze to Join Foundation 9 Entertainment
softwareMumboJumbo's Platypus Shoots Its Way To The PSP System
softwareMumboJumbo's Luxor: Wrath of Set Debuts on the PSP System
softwareNaruto: Uzumaki Chronicles Battles onto Retail Shelves
businessOzura Mobile Strikes Deal with Dadango
softwareSega Ships Sonic The Hedgehog for Xbox 360
softwareTHQ Unveils Line-up for the Launch of Nintendo's Wii
hardwareNintendo's Wii to Get DVD Functionality in 2007
softwareEverQuest II Echoes of Faydwer Launch Day Preview
softwareEverQuest II: Q&A
businessMMOWTF - ?Don't Hate the Player... PVP Ethics?
businessBehind the Online: Politics, Hypocrites and Tenacious Twits
softwareBattlefield 2142 Review
softwareClubhouse Games Review
softwareDirect2Drive to Digitally Deliver Sega's Medieval II: Total War
softwareNamco Bandai's Gunpey Is Shipping
softwareTamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2 Opens for Business
softwareSandlot Games Explores a New Frontier with Westward
softwareProSIM Updates the Entire ATF Line of Simulations
businessOzura's Title Ranks Top Game Played on
softwareThe Sims 2 Delivers Gifts for New and Current Sims 2 Fans
hardwareMicrosoft Prepares New Xbox 360 Accessories for Holidays
hardwarePlayStation 3 Launches and Sells Out in Japan
softwareEA Ships the Ultima Online 9th Anniversary Collection's New 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest' Game
softwareRunning With Scissors Delivers Postal Fudge Pack
softwareSega Announces 'Full Auto 2: Battlelines' for the PSP System
softwareSega Ships Medieval II: Total War for the PC
hardwareSony Tries to Impress Hollywood's Stars with PlayStation 3
softwareWorld of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Release Date Confirmed
software?Viva Pi?ata? Bursts into Stores
softwareCompany of Heroes ? On Mobile
softwareCall of Duty 3 for Xbox, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 Now Available
softwareDeep Silver to Publish Dawn of Magic
hardware40 Million Milestone for PlayStation 2 in Europe
softwareTHQ Releases The Sopranos: Road to Respect for the PlayStation 2
hardwareXbox Live Vision Fact Sheet
softwareDead or Alive Xtreme 2 for Xbox 360 Fact Sheet
hardwareeDimensional Develops G-Pad Pro Gyroscopic Gamepad Wireless
softwareTokobot Plus: Mysteries of the Karakuri - New Info
softwareWDA Games' 'Oldman' for Mobiles Fact Sheet
softwareThe Hunter Faction from Hellgate: London Unveiled
softwareChampionship Manager 2007 Console Releases Announced
softwareMedieval II: Total War for the PC Gone Gold
software9Dragons Developer Journal
softwareAir Assault Task Force for Windows Platform Dusts Off
businessFrozen Codebase Becomes an Authorized Xbox 360 Developer
softwareMerscom to Publish Triple Word Play in North America
softwareInuyasha: Secret Of The Divine Jewel for Nintendo DS Announced
softwareNew Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles Game Play Footage for PS2
businessNamco Bandai Forms Namco Bandai Networks Europe
softwareEuropa Universalis III to Ship on January 23, 2007
softwareRockstar Games to Release Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy for PS 2
softwareSquare Enix Collects the Best of Final Fantasy XI into One Package
softwareOzura Unleashes '2188 Space Wars'
softwareNew Clips Showcase Lumines II and Every Extend Extra Gameplay
businessMMOWTF: Adult MMOGs - Innovation or Gimmick?
softwareWorld of WarCraft Editorial: Character Customization
softwareFirst Images of New Class and Boss from Labyrinth of the Minotaur
softwareGothic 3 - The Demo Is Coming?
softwareKim Possible Makes Debut on Video Game Console
softwareDigimon World DS Materializes Into Retail Stores
hardwareNyko Announces Launch Line-Up for Playstation 3
softwareO~3 Entertainment Launches 'Puzzle Scape' for PSP
softwareFeel the Speed in the Official Xpand Rally Xtreme Trailer
softwareFlyboys Squadron to Ship on November 16th
softwareNovadrome Set to Begin Combat on Xbox Live Arcade
businessBuena Vista Games to Open Fall Line Studio
softwareEverQuest: Interview with Travis McGeathy and Jose Araiza
softwareVIVOX Interview with Monty Sharma
softwareDisney Channel Favorites Appear on Nintendo Handheld Systems
softwareDominions 3 Patch Now Available
softwareAni-Park to Use the EMotion FX Character Animation System
softwareTamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2 Goes Gold
hardwareFrontman - Wireless Guitar Controller for Guitar Hero II - Unveiled
softwareLumines II and Every Extend Extra for the PSP Available
businessTrinigy Announces New Titles Based on the Vision Engine
businessVicious Cycle Hires John O'Neill as Director of Business Development
businessNew Book Enables Writers to Tackle the Sophisticated Games Market
softwareWarhammer Online: Age of Reckoning's New Images and Info
softwareEnlight Announces SpaceStationSim Coming in November
businessFoundation 9 Games Outscore Industry Review Averages
softwareGunpey Lines Up for Gold on PSP and Nintendo DS
softwareNew Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire Footage for PlayStation 3
softwareDisgaea 2 Hits The Shelves This Friday
softwareCodemasters serves up Rafa Nadal Tennis for Nintendo DS
softwareProStroke Golf for PlayStation Portable Fact Sheet
hardwareNintendo to Celebrate Wii's Launch on November 19
softwareFritz and Chesster's Chess for Winners
softwareViva Media Releases Building Cars with Gary Gadget
businessGameSHOUT Announces ?Guild of the Month? on the MMO Show
softwareThe Santa Clause 3 Video Game Available for Game Boy Advance
businessRedOctane Announces In-game Partners for Guitar Hero II
softwareNintendo's Wii Launch Line-Up Unveiled
softwareHudson Announces First Batch of Virtual Console Titles for Wii
softwareBladestorm: The Hundred Years' War for PlayStation 3 - Further Info
hardwareNintendo Mobilizes as Wii Launches
softwareTest Drive Unlimited for Sony PSP Fact Sheet
softwareTest Drive Unlimited for Sony PlayStation 2 Fact Sheet
softwareSony Announces a Content Organiser for PSP
softwareSEGA Unveils Virtual Console Titles for the Wii Console
businessMMOWTF - OMG CSRs!!
businessBehind the Online: Scary Things, Scary Day
softwareAge of Conan Interview with Craig Morrison, Community Manager
softwareJust Cause Review
softwareFully Refitted Salvo! 1.5 Sets Sails
softwareEnlight to Release X3: Reunion 2.0
softwareMicrosoft's Viva Pi?ata for Xbox 360 Comes on December 1
softwareO~3 Entertainment's Konductra Slides onto Store Shelves
softwareThe Collective Develops Harker for Next-Gen Platforms
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