news :: February 2006

consolesUpdate for LMA Manager 2006
on-lineFirst Guild Wars World Championship
pcdtp announces Belief & Betrayal
otherEurogamer TV launched by Eurogamer Network
multiNew multiplayer demo of TOCA Race Driver 3
otherCodemasters appoints Branded
on-lineWizards of the Coast has announced Magic Online III
pcDarwinia scoops a record four IGF nominations
on-lineThe Lord of the Rings Online Shadows of Angmar
pcD3PE announced Cabbage Patch Kids Where's My Pony
otherAudience IGF Award Voting Now Open
otherNew voice of Lara Croft revealed
consoleEA scores winner with soundtrack for FIFA Street 2
otherChris Lee joins innovative new studio FreeStyleGames
pcPathologic coming to the UK in March
otherRegina Lynn as a keynote for Sex in video games conference
consolesNobilis present Armored Core Nexus
consolesSony offers downloadable game content for SOCOM 3
otherNintendo Gamecube criminal convicted
otherChris Lee joins new studio FreeStyleGames
consolesMidway announced MLB SlugFest 2006
pcETROM - The Astral Essence - Enemies' Book released
otherPlaylogic and Macrovision signed agreement
otherIEMA engages Stuart Spencer as federal lobbyist
multiOxygen Interactive unveils World Tour Golf
consolesDynasty Warriors wage war on 360
on-lineRF Online heads to retail in the U.S and the U.K.
otherDigital Storm LAN Event
otherBabel Brews up
pcBattle of Europe demo
otherCommodore plans to enter mobile games market
pcFirst Class Simulations goes all Irish
on-lineKhan goes live for play
consolesTwo new titles announced for Nintendo DS
pcSR-71 Blackbird
otherMultiplay announces attendance of EA for i27 LAN Event
otherSteelSeries react to problems regarding gaming headset
consolesNobilis Group present Kuon
on-lineThe end of the road as you know it
consolesTrauma Centre launches in Europe
multiFlatOut wrecks its way back
pcAscaron Collections
consolesD3Publisher announces the release of PQ
otherbetandwin to work with GamArena in skill games
mobileIntorine released Cowgirl
mobileI-play wins GSM Association 2006 Awards
consolesMechAssault Phantom War for Nintendo DS
otherJoin the Ghosts
otherVIA opens eSports training house
mobileNibbles the Snake and Pentrix for your mobile phone
multiFord Street Racing unveils new website
otherAtari announces corporate action plan
multiGroove Games announces Warpath
mobileTorino 2006 Official Mobile Phone Game
multiPrepare for Fruit Machine Mania
pcFirst Class Simulations release Air Taxi
pcNew screenshots for Legion Arena Cult of Mithras
pcdtp signes new adventure Reprobates
multiAtari ships 'Marc Ecko's Getting Up
otherPick the perfect pavilion package
otherGames Market Europe
otherRedOctane appoints CEO
otherRelentless new recruits
consolesTekken for PlayStation Portable
pcStoked Rider to enter open-beta phase
otherDiamond's Viper X1600
mobileAIAS awards Glu Mobile's Ancient Empires II
pc737 Pilot in Command
consolesChuck out the air guitar
consolesSouth Peak declares State of Emergency 2
otherWCG announces official titles for 2006 competition
consolesBlazing Angels Squadrons of WWII for Xbox 360
consolesUbisoft announces Go Sudoku video game for PSP
pcWelcome to Hell
consolesThe Samurai Warriors website goes live
multiNew features for Major League Baseball 2K6
on-lineAnkama launches Dofus-Arena in open beta tests
pcNew playable demo for Tycoon City New York
otherKonami announces Yu-Gi-Oh Ultimate Masters
consolesGet Carta for your PS2
pcMaximum-Football goes gold
otherThe Opera browser for Nintendo DS
multiNew face of Lara Croft revealed
pcAtomixer released
pcWar World demo released
pc2K Games announces Stronghold Legends
pcAmerican Conquest Divided Nation goes gold
pcHalf-Life 2 Aftermath fact sheet
mobileiFone launches Sonic the Hedgehog on mobile
mobileTime Crisis debuts on mobile phones
pcEtrom English demo released
otherNational Geographic Comic Book Creator
mobileFree downloads from Selatra at 3GSM congress
consolesSony announces LocoRoco for PSP
multiActivision will publish games based on Transformers
otherXbox Big Day Out
otherTHQ announces publishing agreement with People Can Fly
multiUbisoft will create snowboarding video game
otherWeightmans adds to its video games team
otherComputers for Kids
pcStar Wars Empire at War debuts at an iGames centers
multiTime to show the battle in action
multiExperience the fourth dimension at TimeShift website
pcDiscovery and Circle to publish Discovery DVD games
mobileHandyGames presents the unusual football game
pchell-tech announces that 80 Days is shipping
mobileRon Jeremy coming to a mobile near you
pcKuju announces Rail Simulator partnership with FGW
multiThe Empire strikes brick in Lego Star Wars II
pcPrize Fight and Hexus team up for online give-away
consolesXbox 360 game selected as Downloadable Game of the Year
otherThe Game Connection hosted by the GDC
consolesMS Saga A New Dawn turns gold
pcArtefacts in Heroes of Might & Magic V
on-lineNCsoft launches new expansion for Lineage II
otherDusk2Dawn signs partnership deal with GameShadow
pcExperience the first decade of Command & Conquer series
multiTom Salta composes music for Ghost Recon
otherBest game centers of WCG 2005 USA championship
pcIncaGold announces Road to Fame
otherMajesco announces changes in management
otherNintendo DS offers new features
consolesRainbow Islands Revolution for Nintendo DS
pcGalactic Civilizations II explores a golden galaxy
pcNew ship date for Keepsake
mobileBeflowered from Xing Mobile
pcUbisoft will release Blazing Angels Squadrons for PC
pcDangerous Waters is available now via Steam
pcGreat Invasions
on-lineAtari announces pre-order campaign for D& Online
consolesEA revealed songs for Fight Night Round 3
pcKeepsake has gone gold
pcStar Chamber The Harbinger Saga comes to Mac
otherUnion and Top Cow to develop and produce video games
pcWithin Temptation to perform songs for virtual event
consolesVenom Games to bring prey to Xbox 360
consolesDragon Quest The Journey of the Cursed King
pcParaWorld is given six months for perfect balancing
pcEmpire of Magic gets its UK release date
pcVIP Mod for Counter-Strike Source
consolesArmored Core for PlayStation 2
on-lineEVE Online reaches the 100,000 subscriber mark
pcOfficial Rush for Berlin website launch
consolesChampionship Manager 2006 PS2 and Xbox versions
multiRogue Trooper release date confirmed
otherMiniclip will use igLoader for browser games
consolesNightmare outing for Turtles
mobileMoCoHub and PTC Era launch mobile multiplayer service
on-lineStarport Galactic Empires gets a new update
multiRebel Raiders Operation Nighthawk
multiX-Men The Official Movie Game
pcEmpire Earth II asserts Supremacy
pcPanzer Elite Action mini documentaries
multi7 Million Video Download Impressions Monthly from 29HD Network
otherFoundation 9 Entertainment expands with new studio
mobileHandyGames presents Bowling
pcLoco Mania gone gold
consolesCheer Mega Man to victory
mobileArcade classics race to mobile phones
mobileAtari Masterpieces Volume 2 on the N-Gage platform
on-lineAndrew Probert has joined Star Trek Online team
otherRealNetworks and Zylom join forces
consolesYggdra Union
pcSega Console classics coming to PC
pcPunkBuster to strike into cheaters
multiReturn of Sensible Soccer
mobileBattlestar Galactica makes the leap to mobile phones
consolesCollect the ultimate Project Gotham Racing kudos
pcActivision releases offcial demo for The Movies
otherBlitz appoints Richard Smithies as CFO
pcOfficial add-on for Falcon
otherLifemode launches Xbox 360 facial animation support
pcMac Games releases Antigen
consolesRockstar announces Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix
mobileKakuro from Xing Mobile
multiPlanet Rugby Hooks partner for RBS Six Nations game
consolesAtari announces Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai
pcChampionship Manager 2006 PC release date announced
mobilePlayer One release Ronnie O'Sullivan Snooker
consolesTHQ announces MotoGP '06
pcAncient Wars Sparta will be used in TV documentation
mobileOracle is coming to phones
consolesBackbone and Image give more life to Death
otherCodemasters appoints Chris Deering
consolesLogan is back in Syphon Filter Dark Mirror
pcKhan The Absolute Power launched
pcIncaGold presents Sky Aces
pcTrailer Park Trash from IncaGold
pcIncaGold presents Wizard Chess
consolesDouble the Yu-Gi-Oh fun
otherCasuality Europe attracts game development executives
consolesUbisoft to bring LostMagic to the Nintendo DS
on-lineRunestone announces beginning of beta test for Seed
pcTycoon City New York goes gold
other10tacle Studios and Blimey Games form partnership
other2K Sports announces the World Baseball Classic
consolesAtari announces the next round of Kao the Kangaroo
otherChattering Pixels announces new middleware components
pcEnlight announces partnership with Sports Mogul
pcFinlay's Fathoms swims to release
otherIGN and Fireglow partner for distribution of Sudden Strike
mobileI-play leads O2 Top 10 downloads chart
on-lineCity of Villains Destiny Manifest
otherPopCap Games launches international operations center
otherQuazal and Crave sign long-term agreement
on-lineSpeakeasy launches beta trial of Gamecloud Arena
pcUbisoft and Capcom announce distribution agreement
consolesBe first past the post with G1 Jockey 4
pcLegends of Mir 3 has more than 1 million players
consolesDreamWorks signs agreement for Flushed Away
pc80 Days by Frogwares went gold
pcCity Life
mobilePlayman Summer Games 2 takes home the gold
consolesSumthing Else releases soundtrack CD for MediEvil
otherTelltale expands with introduction of new Arcade
consolesSpecial package for PAL Shadow launch
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