news :: September 2006

businessPiggyback Ships Kingdom Hearts II - The Complete Guide
hardwareMeroncourt to Distribute New Tarantula Keyboard from Razer
softwareBethesda Develops TES 4: Oblivion for PlayStation 3 and PSP
softwareCodemasters' ArchLord to Ship on October, 6th
businessInterview: Silk Road Online at the GNGWC - Jung-Hun Kwag
businessGame&Game World Championships 2006 Crowns Champions in Silk Road and Shot Online
softwareHeroCraft Releases Bikini Balls 2
softwareDominions 3: The Awakening Has Shipped
softwareKonami Confirms Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Launch Date
softwareNew Videos, Screens and Art from .hack//G.U. Vol.1: Rebirth
softwareSabotage: Emotional Industrial-Soundtrack by Mona Mur
softwareFootball Manager 2007 to Ship on October, 20th
softwareBrigade E5: New Jagged Union Goes Gold
software?Heavenly Star? Music Video From Lumines II Unveiled
softwareFishlabs Releases Heli Strike 3D
softwareKristanix Announces Pirates of the Atlantic
hardwareXbox 360 HD DVD Player Fact Sheet
softwareFuzion Frenzy 2 Fact Sheet
softwareBionicle Heroes 360 Confirmed for X06 line-up for younger gamers
software?Alan Wake? Fact Sheet
softwareid Software Releases DooM on Xbox Live Arcade
softwareEidos Presents Crossfire for Xbox 360 and Windows Platforms
softwareElectronic Arts' Madden NFL 07 and Need for Speed Carbon Available for Nintendo's Wii on Launch Day
software2K Announces BioShock Exclusively for Xbox 360 and Windows
softwareSensible World of Soccer for Xbox Live Arcade Confirmed
businessAbandon Mobile Teams with Marine Scout Sniper Association
businessBuena Vista Games to Acquire Climax Racing
softwareShot Online: Interview with Kevin Kim, CEO of OnNet USA
businessPirates vs. Ninjas: The Eternal Debate... Sorta
hardwareMicrosoft Unveils Xbox 360 Wireless Headset
softwareBongfish Announces Stoked Rider: Alaska Alien for PC
businessPfizer and Frog Creation Create Rocket Science for Kids
businessQuazal Joins the Unreal Engine 3 Integrated Partners Program
businessSega, New Edge Networks Ink Broadband Gaming Deal
hardwareHyperScan Game System Hits Shelves
softwareEA Unveils Holiday Line Up on the Xbox 360
softwareEA Sports to Release FIFA Soccer 07 on Xbox 360
softwareMage Knight: Destiny's Soldier for the Nintendo DS
softwareMerscom Announces DNA
softwareRidge Racer 7 Features Revealed
businessUnkasoft to Provide Its Mobile Games for
businessCryptic Studios' Creative Head Talks Exclusively to
businessDark Age of Camelot Q&A (Dev Profile) with Matt Kidder
businessMayson's Musings: PvP Combat
softwareFootball Manager Handheld 2007 Fact Sheet
softwareAround the World Is Coming to Mac
softwareLiving Mobile Issues My Little Dogs: Kawaii Dogs
softwareProSIM's Air Assault Task Force Officially Announced
softwareGothic 3 Shines Gold in Europe
softwareEA Sports Ships NBA Live 07
softwareNamco Bandai's The Fast and the Furious Video Game Released
softwareAssassin's Creed ? Short Synopsis
softwareIce Age 2 The Meltdown Videogame for Wii Is Under Development
softwareF.E.A.R. Demo for Xbox 360 Invades Xbox Live
softwareThreadSpace: Hyperbol Open Beta Announced
softwareLair for PlayStation 3 Fact Sheet
softwareGran Turismo HD Fact Sheet
softwareGenji: Days of the Blade Fact Sheet
softwareWarhawk Fact Sheet
softwareMotorStorm Fact Sheet
softwareFormula One Championship Edition (Working Title) Fact Sheet
softwareHeavenly Sword Fact Sheet
software?Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs? Updated Fact Sheet
softwareAlpha Prime Is Closing to Gold Master
softwarePacific Storm Interview with Aleksey Pshekhonov
softwareGlu Launches Sonic The Hedgehog: Part 2 on Mobile Phones
softwareIt's Break Time Releases Forest Resort
softwareSaints Row Q&A
software?Blue Dragon? Updated Fact Sheet
softwareCapcom Introduces Mega Man Star Force for Nintendo DS
softwareNHL: Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 Is Available
businessWorld Series of Video Games Announces UK Gaming Championship
softwareTiger Woods Comes to London for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Launch
softwareViva Media Launches Playing Music for PCs and Macs
otherPLAYSTATION3 HDD 20GB Equipped With HDMI as Standard
otherEA & DTI Bring The Sims 2 and to In-Flight Entertainment
pcParadox Interactive and Nival Interactive to Deliver Frontline: Kursk
mobileMetal Slug 6 to Be Included in Metal Slug Anthology
consolesSega Develops 'Shining Force EXA' for PS 2
consolesSega Announces 'Armored Core 4' Coming This Spring
pcPixelmusement Releases PixelShips Retro
pcEnhanced Ship Simulator 2006 Demo Is Available
otherLara Croft Featured in Interactive DVD Game
consolesCapcom Announces Devil May Cry 4 for the Upcoming PS3
consolesCapcom Unveils God Hand for PS2
otherDolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby TrueHD for PlayStation 3
multiDreamCatcher Games' Neverend Has Gone Gold
multiFootball Manager 2007 Fact Sheet
mobileNamco Bandai Announces Digimon World DS on the Nintendo DS
pcWarhammer 40.000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade Comes Soon
consoles'Viva Pi?ata' for Xbox 360 Gets New Bonuses
multiLEGO Star Wars II Sells More Than 1.1 Million Units in 1 Week
consolesXbox 360 Package Includes High Speed Racing
consolesNamco Bandai's Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury Is Available
consolesTAC Files Counter Claim against RedOctane and Activision
multiCodemasters to Publish Overlord
consolesNamco Bandai Announces Eternal Sonata for Xbox 360
consolesNBA 2K7 for Xbox 360, Xbox and PlayStation 2 Has Gone Gold
on-lineWeaver Interactive Is Developing 'Toy Story' Online Game Signs Distribution Agreement with Indiagames
consolesFinal Fantasy XII Heads for Europe
pcSabotage Q&A with Sascha Jungnickel
on-lineSony Delivers The Serpent's Spine Expansion for EverQuest
multiSpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab Fact Sheet
multiAvatar: The Last Airbender Fact Sheet
pcGalactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar Interview Part Two
multiTrainz: Driver Edition Ships to North American Retail
consolesSNK Ships The King of Fighters 2006 for PlayStation 2
pcHyperball Racing Is Available
pcSpace Renegades Delayed
on-lineDisney Expands Toontown Online
multiNeed for Speed: Carbon Fact Sheet
consolesVirtua Fighter 5 for Sony PlayStation 3 Fact Sheet
mobileANNO 1701 Goes Mobile
otherStar Trek Online: Interview from AGC
otherWebzen (SUN and APB) - Interview from AGC
otherVivox - Interview from AGC
pcGalactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar Interview Part One
consolesElectornic Gaming League Announces 2006-2007 Schedule
mobileGlobalFun and Big Blue Bubble to Deliver Elven Chronicles
pcRune Rescue Is Now Available
multiActivision to Ship World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions
pcMicrosoft Game Studios' Flight Simulator X Soars to Gold
multiLineage II Chronicle V Developer Journal: Player vs. Player Combat
pc'Supreme Ruler 2010' wins 'Best PC Game' Award
pcShady O'Grady's Rising Star Talent Search Voting Is Now Open
mobileBreakpoint to Publish Most Wanted Ent. and Unkasoft Games
otherPirates of the Burning Sea: Interview from AGC
otherGods and Heroes: Interview from AGC
otherStargate: Worlds - Interview from AGC
otherAGC Interview: Bigfoot Networks
mobileMillion-2-1 Breaks into the Largest Telecoms Market in the World
consolesOxygen Games Announces Street Dance and Dance Fest
otherNintendo's Wii to Ship on December, 8 in Europe
mobileAlten8 Releases Freefall for Mobile Phones
consolesAtari and Ignition to Release Mercury Meltdown Remix for PS2
otherFallen Earth: Hands-On Preview from AGC
otherAcclaim: Howard Marks Interview from AGC
otherR?: Interview and Demo from AGC
multiHitman: Blood Money Review by Jonathan Trevisani
otherData Design Interactive Wins the Race for Cannonball 8000 Licence
mobileThe Mighty Troglodytes Announce Crazy Dog for Mobile Phones
on-lineFlyboys Squadron Demo Available
multiLMA Manager 2007 Playable Demos for PC and Xbox 360 Released
pcBroken Sword: The Angel of Death Shipping
otherLord Puttnam to Open GameCity Festival
pcAnkh for PC Is Introduced
pcPompolic: Call for Heroes Features Zan Lyons
mobileGlu Mobile to Publish Monopoly Here & Now for Mobile Phones
consolesNamco Bandai's 'Saint Seiya: The Hades' Goes Gold
otherGalaxylife: Interview from AGC
otherEmergent Technologies: Interview from AGC
otherURU Live (Myst): Interview from AGC
otherSOE: Interview on SWG, EQ, EQII, EQ:OA, MxO and PlanetSide
otherFury: Hands-On from AGC
otherVanguard: Saga of Heroes - Interview from AGC
pcGothic 3 Has Gone Gold in Europe
mobileUbisoft Announces Prince Of Persia Rival Swords For The PSP
multi2K Sports Delivers New Features for NBA 2K7
otherAGC Writer's Conference: Creating Characters for Games
otherAGC Talk: Raph Koster's ?The Age of Dinosaurs?
pcCellFactor: Revolution Interview Part 2
consolesUbisoft Brings Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent to Wii
consoles2K Sports Ships NHL 2K7 for Xbox and Xbox 360
multiEA's NHL 07 Is Now Available
pc2K Announces Dungeon Siege II: Deluxe Edition for PC
multiLucasArts and TT Games Ship LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
mobileCube X Agency Launches
on-lineGuild Wars Nightfall World Preview Event Set for September 22-24
pcFirst Class Simulations Signs Flight Deck 4
pcMeridian4 to Publish Dark Matter
mobileCWA Mobile Game Launches Their New Football Game
on-lineWorld's First MMORPG Golf Game from SyNET
mobileTAG Games Brings Dead Water to Mobile Phones
multiEA Sports Cricket 07 Comes to PS2 and PC This November
multiEA Sports Cricket 07 Fact Sheet
pcMatrix Games Announces Starshatter: The Gathering Storm
pcCellFactor: Revolution Interview Part 1
otherImagine Launches Revolution ? the New Magazine for Nintendo Wii
multiEarache Extreme Metal Racing Now Has in Game MP3 Player
pcTraffic PlusPak ? Commuter Aircraft 1 Is Released
pcJoWood Announces The Mark
consolesKing of Fighters XI Comes to Europe for the PlayStation 2
on-lineArchLord Pre-Order Packs Are Now Available
consolesNHL 2K7 for Xbox 360 and Xbox Have Gone Gold
pcGabitasoft Announces Hyperball Racing
on-lineLineage II Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood - Weapons Guide
pcSword of the Stars Out Now in the UK
otherG-Pad Pro Gyroscopic Gamepad Now Shipping
pcACONY Games Develops Parabellum
otherAGC Writer Keynote: Designer Mark Terrano Speaks
otherAGC Keynote: ?What Really Matters: How Blizzard Game Philosophy Translates into World of Warcraft?, Rob Pardo Keynote Report
on-lineRichard Vogel of BioWare Austin Talks MMO Betas
pcWelcome to Planet Robotopia
on-lineLineage II Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood - Vanquishing Monsters in LA II
mobileMajesco Entertainment Announces 'Cake Mania' for Nintendo DS
pcPlayaholics Relaunches with Lightning Pool 2
pcMeridian4 and Frozenbyte Release New Patch for Shadowgrounds
other4th Phase of Gamexpert to Launch at Hong Kong Trade Fair
multiScarface: The World Is Yours to Ship on October 13
mobileGreystripe Partners with Alten8
consoles'The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy' Is under Development
on-lineLineage II Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood - Raising a Dragon in LA II
otherSony to Ship Sony PlayStation 3 in March 2007
pcDarkStar One Interview with Alan Wild by Jonathan Trevisani
multiEA Ships NASCAR 07 for Sony PSP, PS2 and Xbox Systems
mobileOrangePixel to Release Mechanics
pcA. Head Announced as Lead Voice over in Destroy All Humans! 2
other4th Phase of Gamexpert to Launch at Hong Kong Trade Fair
consolesSpy Hunter: Nowhere to Run Is Available for Xbox and PS2
pcBenevolent Interactive Ships SubSystem
pcAfrican War Released
multiJust Cause to Ship on September 22nd
pcEpisode 1 of ?The Exchange Student? Game Released
on-lineParadox Interactive Unveils Infinity Empire
otherSproing Selects Perforce to Manage Game Development
pcSpace Renegades Delayed
multiBiker Mice from Mars for PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS Announced
pc'Soldiers: Heroes of World War II' Expansion Is Coming
pcMyst V: End of Ages Is Shipping
pcThe Emperor's Mahjong Is Available
pcUbisoft to Publish Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
pcFocus Multimedia Delivers ER The Game
pcFocus Multimedia Announces the Release of Zoo Vet
pcFocus Multimedia Releases CSI: Miami
pcLaw & Order: Justice is Served Is Released
pcMr. Smoozles Goes Nutso Is Now Available
otherBook of Games Vol. 1 by gameXplore to Be Released in November
consolesUbisoft Announces Assassin's Creed for Xbox 360 and PS3
mobileAtlus U.S.A. Develops Etrian Odyssey For Nintendo DS
pcUbisoft to Release Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Collector Edition
multiTest Drive Unlimited - Manufacturer Overview: Nissan
multiTest Drive Unlimited - Manufacturer Overview: Triumph
multiTest Drive Unlimited - Manufacturer Overview: Audi
multiTest Drive Unlimited - Manufacturer Overview: Ascari
multiCodemasters Joins Forces with Spark Unlimited for 'Fall of Liberty'
pcAtari and CD Projekt Sign Publishing Agreement for 'The Witcher'
otherBigfoot Networks Begins Shipping Killer Gaming NIC
multiBratz: Forever Diamondz from THQ
mobileEA's Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover Hits Store Shelves
mobileHandyGames Leaves with Bulldozer Inc. Everything in Ruins
pcFully-Playable Beta Demo of Left Behind: Eternal Forces Released
pcWar In The Pacific Scenario Editor Updated
mobileShin'en Multimedia Develops the Sequel to Nanostray
mobileXing Mobile Issues Tropical Punch
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