news :: January 2007

business'Things to Come' to Open the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival
softwareOut of the Park Baseball 2007 Springs into Life
softwareUbisoft to Publish Upcoming Top Trumps Games
softwareOfficial Ship Simulator Add-on Gone Gold
softwareUnreal Tournament III Fact Sheet: Let's Rock!
softwareMidway Unveils Blacksite: Area 51 for Xbox 360 Features
softwareMortal Kombat: Armageddon for Wii Fact Sheet
softwareHour of Victory for Xbox 360 Fact Sheet
softwareTen New Titles Approach the Xbox Live Arcade Horizon
software2K Sports Announces All-Pro Football 2K8
softwareGodzilla to Invade Wii, Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable
softwareJohn Woo Presents: Stranglehold
softwareHot Brain for PSP Fact Sheet
softwareNew Patch For Dominions 3: The Awakening!
businessSteel Monkeys Holds a Series of Conferences
software'Luxor 2' and '7 Wonders of the Ancient World' for Windows Vista
softwareNamco Bandai Announces .hack//G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce
hardwareSplitFish Develops a New Force Feedback System for Next-gens
softwareThe Wheelman for Xbox 360 Fact Sheet
software'The Guild 2 - Pirates of the European Seas' Announced
softwareTouchmaster for Nintendo DS Fact Sheet
softwareTom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2's Demo
softwareBlazing Angels Secret Missions to Come to Xbox 360 and Windows
softwareWinter Sports Gone Gold
softwareFrontline: Fields of Thunder Sets Date to Roll into Stores
softwareWii News Channel Fact Sheet
softwareStateShift Coming to Europe
softwareOjom Launches Dynamite Pro Football for Mobiles
softwareOxygen Games Rolls Out Hard Rock Casino Videogame
softwareVanguard: Saga of Heroes Voyages into Retail Stores
softwareCrazy Golfers Attacked by Worms
softwareMidway Announces Hour of Victory for Xbox 360
softwareCDV to Bring 'Paradise City' to North America
businessSoftimage Develops New 3D Game Pipeline with EA Chicago
softwareWar Front: Turning Point Goes Gold
softwareRIP 3: The Last Hero Now Runs under Windows Vista
softwareG-Stars and Lexicon Entertainment Present 'My Little Flufties'
softwareCellar of Rats to Provide the Sound for Pieces of Eight
softwareLexicon Entertainment Signs Dawnspire
softwareMidway's Touchmaster for Nintendo DS and Hot Brain for PSP
softwareMidway Announces BlackSite: Area 51 for PS 3, Xbox 360 and PC
softwareMiniclip Launches New Arthur and the Invisibles Game
businessOzura Partners with ChinaByte for Mobile Gaming Community
hardwareTiger Electronics Unveils NET JET Online Game System for Tweens
softwareBlast! Signs Up Charlotte's Web, the Children's Film of the Year
softwareWing Island Launches Across Europe on Wii
hardwareNintendo DS Sells 10 Million Units in the Americas
softwareXploder's PS3 Cheat Save and Media Management to Hit Europe
softwareSam & Max Episode 3 Launches
businessNiko Partners Releases Report Covering Videogame Regulatory Landscape in China
softwareSquare Enix Licenses Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3
softwareNew Release Date for 'Two Worlds' in Europe
softwareNew from Xing Interactive: Dragon-X - Gold Quest for PC
softwareDisney Unveils Unique Features for Spectrobes
softwareNew Turok Screens Storm Out of the Shadows
softwareBreakpoint Enters the World of the Witcher
softwareStargate Worlds: Interview with Dan Elggren
businessOutside The Box
softwaredtp Confirms Development of Black Mirror 2
softwareWar Rock Open Beta to Close on January 31
businessMumboJumbo Acquires Ritual Entertainment
softwareScreens to Unfurl Storyline for Eureka Seven Vol. 2: The New Vision
softwareVicious Cycle Software Hires Kohnke Communications
softwareVivendi Games Mobile to Release The Incredible Machine
softwareSEGA Announces 'Crush' for the PSP System
hardwareWrapstar Delivers Arthur and The Invisibles Skins for Nintendo DS
businessMMOWTF: Quitters Never Win... But Why Do They Quit?
hardwareMicrosoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 Review
softwareMerscom to Release Big Kahuna Words
softwareMobile Alliance Issues Age of Japan for Mobile Phones
softwareThe Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean and Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel Now Available
softwareWii Lineup for Q1 2007 Revealed
softwareVanguard: Saga of Heroes Early Access to Live Servers Starts Jan 26
softwareMysteries Unveiled with the Fourth Webisode for Spectrobes
softwareWarner Bros. Presents Looney Tunes: ACME Arsenal Videogame
softwareK2 Network Delivers Sword of the New World MMORPG
softwareWorld of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade WoWs with Sales Record
softwareKOEI's Samurai Warriors 2 Empires to Ship on March, 16
softwareUbisoft Accelerates Driver Franchise into New Territory
softwareDigital Foundry Announces PlayStation 3 Digital Capture Services
softwareSid Meier's Pirates! Now Available for the PSP
software'Aion: Tower of Eternity' Further Info
softwareEA Issues Pogo Island for Nintendo DS
softwareClassic Zelda Game Announced for Wii Shop Channel
softwarewinSPMBT Version 3.0 Thunders onto the Battlefield
softwarePieces of Eight in Development
softwareApeZone to Launch Starship Kingdom
softwareEA Develops Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike
softwareMost Wanted Games of 2007
software'Two Worlds' Presents Magic Moments
softwareCriminals on High Alert as ?Crackdown? Goes Gold
softwareNew 'Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel' Screenshots Available
softwareKororinpa for Wii Is Coming
softwareVanguard: Saga of Heroes Open Beta to Close January 23
softwareSouthPeak Interactive Announces Two Worlds Coming to Xbox 360
hardwareNintendo DS Sells 10 Million Units in Europe
softwareNew from Xing Interactive: Jewel Shooter for PC
softwareBreakpoint Plays Footbag
businessCasual Play: WoW Dishes Out Casual Epics
software'Earache Extreme Metal Racing' for PS2 Launches on February, 2
softwareK2 Network Unveils Character Classes Behind War Rock
softwareThe Sword of Oz Launches on Wii, DS, PlayStation 3, PSP and PC
softwareOzura Mobile Unveils Two Action Games - ?Antopia? and ?R.A.T.S.?
softwareThe Blackwell Legacy - Now Available
softwareTES IV: Shivering Isles - the Expansion for Oblivion - Coming Soon
softwareNamco Bandai to Release QuickSpot for the Nintendo DS
hardwareAlienware Offers Area-51 ALX Gaming Desktop
softwareExcalibur Publishing Secures Fritz Chess 10
softwareNCAA March Madness 07 from EA Sports Shipping
businessK2 Network Announces New Affiliate Marketing Program
softwareNBA Street Homecourt Fact Sheet
softwareEuropa Universalis III Demo Announced
softwareVivendi's 'Caesar' Awarded Best ?Strategy? Mobile Game of the Year
softwareEA Launches onto Xbox Live Arcade with Boom Boom Rocket
softwareA Bumper New Year from Glu
businessIGA Worldwide's Radial In-Game Advertising Technology v2.0
softwareAnnouncement: Fatal Inertia & Bladestorm Release Date
softwareOffice Purks Now Available
softwareNamco Bandai Announces Tamagotchi Party On! for Wii
softwareTortuga - Two Treasures: More Characters from the Caribbean
softwareUbisoft Announces Cosmic Family for the Wii
businessDigital Development Signs Zombie Studios
softwareTen Thousand Deer in the Virtual Woods
softwareEA Brings Laptops to Life with The Sims Stories
softwareWorld of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Available
softwareRunaway: The Dream of the Turtle - Male Characters
softwareFrogster Enters the Seas with Bounty Bay Online
softwareAbborado Studios Announces Once Upon a Time in Japan: Earth
softwareAspyr Media Ships Prey for PowerPC- and Intel-Based Macs
softwareLord of the Rings Online: CES Preview
softwareGods & Heroes - Squadrons Interview
softwareVanguard: Saga of Heroes Interview with McQuaid and Luna
businessMMOWTF: MMO-holic: The Architecture of Addiction
softwareWorld of Warcraft: One Week Before the Burning Crusade
businessPirates of the Burning Sea - Life with Beta
businessCommunity Spotlight: Beta Beta Everywhere...
businessWorld of Warcraft: Stealth Runs 101
softwareLuxor 2 Footage Uncoiled and Let Loose from Ancient Egypt
softwareThe Sword of Oz Coming to Wii and DS, PS3 and PSP, PC and iPod
softwareBattlestations: Midway for Xbox 360 and PC to Ship on February 9th
softwareMario Vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis
softwareWar Rock Invades Battlefields Across Europe
businessMumboJumbo to Bring Hexic Deluxe, Mozaki Blocks Deluxe to Retail
softwareThree New Classic Games Added to Wii Shop Channel
softwareOzura and Gempak Do a 'spot Check' on MaxGames
softwareSony Announces The Buried Sea Expansion for Everquest
softwareNamco Networks Launches Pool Pro Online II
softwareBlizzard: World of Warcraft Surpasses 8 Million Subscribers
softwareExtended Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops for Europe Revealed
softwareFinal Fantasy XII PAL Release Date Announcement
softwareBurn Fact Sheet
softwareWorld of Warcraft: Study
softwareIgnition Releases SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters DS
softwareO3 Entertainment Releases Radio Allergy for Nintendo GameCube
softwareThe Godfather Comes to PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii
softwareNamco Bandai Games' 'Gunpey' for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP
softwareDark Age of Camelot: Labyrinth of the Minotaur Release Details
softwareIron Realms Entertainment Announces Earth Eternal
businessOzura Powers DiGi 2188 Space Wars Mobile Game Tournament
softwareInlogic Releases Ali The Penguin for Mobile Phones
softwareVanguard: Saga of Heroes to Ship on January 30, 2007
software'Warlords Nintendo DS' Signed
softwareOrangePixel Issues Fruit Squash for Mobiles
softwareVivendi Games Mobile Announces Eragon for Mobile Phones
softwareCity of Heroes: Jack Emmert Community Q&A #2
softwareThe Shield Game for the PC and PlayStation 2 Platforms Shipping
businessCarolyn Koh Reports from This Year's CES in Las Vegas
businessMMOWTF: Happy Newb Year
businessSo You Want to be an MMO Developer? Part 4
businessNickelodeon and MumboJumbo Enter into a Publishing Partnership
softwareEnigma Games Releases Warriors for PC and Windows Mobile
softwareWarlords Going Mobile
softwareNetDevil's Warmonger, Operation: Downtown Destruction at CES
hardwareNyko Unveils Line-Up of Its New Accessories for Sony PlayStation 3
softwareWii Virtual Console Retro Goodness Revealed for Q1 2007
softwareSony Sells 1 Million PlayStation 3 Hits in North America
softwareTelltale Ships Sam & Max Episode Two
softwareEledees Power-up Konami's First Title for Wii
softwareSierra Entertainment Announces M.A.C.H. for PSP
softwareHellgate: London to Ship This Summer
softwareDual-Media ProSIM Products Now Available
softwareThree New Classic Games Announced for Wii Shop Channel
hardwareNyko Unveils New Line of Nintendo Wii Peripherals
softwareFootage of a Griffin Mount in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Released
softwareSony and Midway Team Up for Six PlayStation 3 Downloadable Titles
softwareEA Reveals Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars: Kane Edition
hardwareFinal Design of the Headplay Personal Cinema System Unveiled
softwareRyzom: A Glance At Ruins of Silan - Ryzom for PC at MMORPG.COM
softwareCasual Play: WoW Dishes Out Casual Epics
software3RD sense Launches Swords and Sandals 2 ? Emperor's Reign
softwareDreamlords Set to Attack on February 15
softwareNamco Bandai Announces Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2
softwareOrangePixel Launches Brik-Link for Mobiles
softwareOpen Beta Begins on January 5th for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
softwareAdditional Path of Entry to 'Halo 3' Multiplayer Beta
softwareDerek Jeter Signed for Major League Baseball 2K7
hardwareCreative Intros the Xtreme Gamer Range of Sound Blaster X-Fi Cards
hardwareNext-Gen Version of Zero Controllers for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
businessPurchases of Wireless Games Will Gain Ground by 2010
softwareRunaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle - Introducing the Girls
softwareYatec Releases New PC Puzzle Game
softwareMMOWTF: 2006 Year in Review
businessSo You Want to be an MMO Developer? Part Three
businessFinesse Announces Partnership with JavArt
softwareOzura Launches Cicak-Man Mobile Game
businessRockstar Games Appoints Gary Dale as Chief Operating Officer
softwareLEGO Star Wars II Goes Mobile
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