news :: March 2006

pcAlten8 To Publish Etrom: The Astral Essence
pcSnowy: Lunch Rush is Released
multiChampionship Manager 2006 is Released
pcRIP ?Strike Back?
mobileHeroCraft Issues Mr. Revolver
mobileAnimal Crossing: Wild World is Launched
pcFire Department 3 is Set for Launch
multiSensible Soccer is Coming
consolesSNK Playmore USA Announces The King Of Fighters 2006
pcLegendo's Dracula Twins for PC is Announced
mobileGlu Mobile and Encore Software Sign Agreement
mobileSweet Invaders by HeroCraft
otherIGN and Gamespy Content Now Available on Mobile Phones
pc?Inhabited Island? Appears in Less than a Year
multi?Diabolique: License to Sin? Renamed To ?Infernal?
pcThe Adventure Company Ships Keepsake
otherUbisoft Acquires All Intellectual Property Rights for Far Cry
pcDwice ? New Game from Creator of Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov
pcBuccaneer's Bounty and Neighbors from Hell : On Vacation for PC
otherJOYTECH Nitro Racing Wheel Speeds onto Xbox 360
pcCrysis Fact Sheet
pcEuropa Universalis III by Paradox Interactive
pcAlten8 To Publish ? State Of War : Warmonger
mobileCivilization 3 Arrives in the US for Mobile
pcRusty Axe Games Releases Lux
pcDominions 3: The Awakening Scores Shrapnel Record Pre-Orders
multiB-Boy Comes to PSP and PlayStation 2
pcUndercover by ANACONDA: First details unveiled
pcPippa Funnell: Take The Reins is Coming
multiActivision's Latest Marvel-inspired Title X-men: The Official Game
pcCDV's American Conquest: Divided Nation Arrives in Retail
pcCDV's UberSoldier Heads to Stores
pcCinemaware Marquee's Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators
mobileStreet Riders Fact Sheet
consolesGhost Recon Advanced Warfighter Tournament for Xbox 360
pcAtlantis Quest by TERMINAL Studio
pcAlten8: the Next Step in Its Business Expansion
mobileOpals Quest Released By Alten8
otherBlizzard Focuses Console-Development Plans on Next-Gen Platforms
pcCamelot Galway - City of the Tribes
mobileHandyGames Releases 'Spellboys'
pcThe Adventure Company's Keepsake Goes Gold
pcXpand Rally Goes Gold
mobileUpstart Games & G-mode Announce 'I.Q. Academy'
multiFinal Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan New Details
pcBuena Vista Games Announces 'Desperate Housewives'
multiEA Lines Up the World's Top Football Stars for 2006 FIFA World Cup
pcDominions 3: The Awakening Unshackles From Its Immortal Slumber!
pcDigital Eel Snags the IGF 2006 Innovation In Audio Award
otherSEGA Supports Nintendo Revolution
mobileTekken Arrives on PlayStation Portable
pcOlivier Ledroit Q&A
pcArjaloc presents 'Mr. Ball'
mobileDaxter's Back in His Own PSP Adventure
on-lineBritain To Witness First Crucifixion For Almost 2, 000 Years
on-lineAuto Assault's Release Date is Confirmed
consolesGod of War II for PlayStation 2
consolesEvolution GT - It's You Against Them
consolesSamurai Champloo: Sidetracked is Coming
pcEA and Digital Illusions Announce Battlefield 2142 for PC
consolesJust Cause Confirmed for Xbox 360
multiThe Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for Xbox 360 and PC
pc'Power of Destruction' from Profenix Studio
consolesNew Call of Duty 2 Xbox 360 Title Update Now Available
on-lineNew Information from The Burning Crusade
pcIron Warriors Goes Gold
pcUtopia-City's Demo is Released
mobileWorld Tour Soccer 2 for PSP
pcCSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder
mobileIgnition Releases PoPoLoCrois for PSP
pcThe Godfather The Game by EA is Now Shipping
pcThe Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript Is Coming
otherAGEIA's PhysX SDK v2.4 Physics API and Runtime Engine
pcAlawar Releases Beezzle
mobileGameloft Secures Mobile Game Rights for ?Mission: Impossible III?
consolesMicrosoft Announces Xbox 360 Spring Games Line-Up
mobileIN-FUSIO Brings ?F-16 Air Fighter? to Mobile Phones
otherHalo 2: Original Soundtrack Volume Two is Released
pcIncaGold Presents CarJacker: Hotwired and Gone
pc'Conflicts 20:21' by IncaGold
mobileMobile Games Engine ABYSS 2.0 Has Its Premiere With V-Rally 3D
pcShady O'Grady's Rising Star Announced
pcIncaGold Presents - Mars To Earth
pcIncaGold Introduces Train Empire
multiStar Cave Studios Issues 'Terra: Formations'
pcSR-71 Blackbird is Available
mobileBoxing Champion 2006 from Xing Mobile
mobileTwentieth Century Fox and Glu Mobile Launch Ice Age 2: Arctic Slide
pc2K Games' CivCity: Rome
pcBlack & White 2: Battle of the Gods Expansion Pack
pc'Rush for Berlin' is Coming
pc2K Games Unveils Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Warlords
pc2K Games Announces Sid Meier's Railroads! For PC
consolesBurnout Revenge for Xbox 360
otherElectronic Arts to Acquire Digital Illusions
pcCossacks II: Battle for Europe Expansion is Announced
pcThe Movies: Stunts & Effects is Announced
pcThe Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff Fact Sheet
pcMindscape Reveals Law & Order: Criminal Intent
on-lineWarhammer? Online: Age of ReckoningTM is Coming
pc2K Games Announces New Dungeon Siege Titles
multiAtari's 'Test Drive: Unlimited' for PC and Xbox 360
pcX3: Reunion Version 1.4 Update is Available
pcPopCap Games Launches Feeding Frenzy 2
multiFormula One 06 Comes to PlayStation
consolesPLayStation 3 Launches Worldwide in Early November 2006
on-lineIllumina Semi-Tactical Online Multiplayer FPS
pcUbisoft Releases IL-2 SturmovikTM Series: Complete Edition
pcLevel Editor for Shadowgrounds Coming Soon
pcSpace HoRSE Now Available As A Download
pcCall of Cthulhu - Dark Corners of the Earth Fact
on-lineEuropean Launch of Navy Field
pcSaints & Sinners Bowling Developed by Large Animal Games
mobileSony Launches Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
on-lineNCsoft Chooses Massive Network for In-Game Advertising
pcSEGA's Condemned: Criminal Origins Goes Gold For PC
mobileRealNetworks Introduces Playman World Soccer
pcAtari's 'Act of War: High Treason' Expansion Pack Goes Gold
consolesAtari's 'Driver: Parallel Lines' Takes Off
pcEnlight Releases New X3: Reunion Playable Demo
mobileGameloft's And 1 Streetball on Mobile PLatforms
mobileMayhem Project Releases "Cyberpunk ? The Arasaka's Plot"
consolesDaxter Game is Launched Exclusively for the PSP System
mobileSony's Neopets: Petpet Adventures - The Wand of Wishing on PSP
otherE3Expo: Agenda for 2006 Video Game Business Conference Program
pcBattle of Europe by Black Bean Goes 'Gold'
multiVicious Cycle to Showcase the Vicious Engine at GDC 2006
pcFIELD OPS, the first Real-time-Strategy Shooter !
consolesLifemode Launch Lifestudio: Head 2.7 And Xbox 360 Support
on-lineAuto Assault by NCsoft Goes All Out for Open Beta
mobileSuper Princess Peach on Nintendo DS
pcMindscape Announces Kakuro for PC
mobileMetroid Prime Hunters Launches across Europe
pcRunaway 2 The Dream of the Turtle
consolesOnimusha Dawn of Dreams receives MPSE Award
otherPocketPlay MP3 player
mobileTelcogames secures licensing deal with Jaleco
pcCulpa Innata scheduled to release in June
on-lineArenaNet announces release date for Guild Wars Factions
consolesA flaming good read
pcReflexive announced the release of Mosaic
otherWCG Euro Championship opens at CeBIT
pcAge of Empires III Expansion Pack
consolesDouble Trouble for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
otherdSonic demonstrates adaptive audio
otherGiant Bite Games founded
mobile'24' launches on mobile
consolesOne Piece Pirates' Carnival will sail this Spring
otherOne million users at Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection service
otherPAN Vision Holding has a new CEO
on-lineRunestone announces final release date for Seed
otherTHQ and Double Fusion form agreement
on-lineAuto Assault blasts into retail
consolesTHQ introduces The Outfit online demo
otherNew Dolby games trailer
otherMicrosoft lands milestone patent
consolesGet down and dirty
consolesA new puzzle every day of the year
mobileOzura launches new casino game
mobileJewel Explorer and Jewel Shooter
consolesSoundtrack for Driver Parallel Lines
pcCyanide announces launch of official Loki website
pcAscaron presents Virtual Skipper 4
multi2K Games will publish Family Guy game
consoles2K Games to publish The Darkness
otherCDV and Ascaron announce publishing agreement
otherCheyenne selects BigWorld Technology Suite
otherWCG invites gamers' opinions on WCG 2006 rules
otherLifestudio Head technology powers two new titles
pcMaximum Football now available
consolesNaked Sky has licensed ProFX
otherE3Expo announces sell-out of 2006 event
otherCasual Games Conference moves in Austin
pcThird Wave Games released new version of War World
on-lineCodemasters brings Shadows of Angmar to Europe
multi2k Games will ship Elder Scrolls IV in March
otherBackbone officially licensed Universal Media Disc
otherDiamond's Viper X1900 XTX
otherdtp expands marketing team
otherEpic Games reveals GDC game plan
pcGameTap announces licensing deal with Strategy First
on-lineLegend of Mir 3 in open beta
pcFlashpoint Germany updated
mobileCivilization for N-Gage platform
pcIsotope 244 released Atomic Battle Dragons
on-lineAcclaim Games debuts with BOTS
pcLegion Arena patch released
otherSeattle will host 2007 World Cyber Games Grand Final
pcReef Entertainment will publish Shadowgrounds
pcGame enhancements for Keepsake
on-lineTale of Tales released new version of The Endless Forest
pcMatrix Games announces Operation Winter Storm
mobileJavArt releases Pinocchio
multiEA will release 2006 FIFA World Cup
otherThe 2nd annual Casual Game Evolution Challenge
otherMCV unveils awards shortlist
consolesMidway announces Mortal Kombat Armageddon
consolesNatsume and Playstos's conspiracy
on-linePM Studios announces online release of Etrom
mobileSmallware announced Solavant
consolesSony releases Gangs of London
consolesTourist Trophy real riding simulator
multiSports Interactive release update for Football Manager
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