news :: May 2006

multiTest Drive Unlimited: Manufacturer Overview - Ford
pcThe Omega Syndrome by Australian Game Developers
otherEggHead IV: EggHead Entertains
mobileEA Games Launches Air Hockey on Mobile Phones in Europe
otherFuncom and Conan Inc. Extends Agreement Up to 2023
pcRitual Entertainment Launches SiN Episodes: Emergence In Europe
pcBounty ? Special Edition is Shipping
pcJagged Farm: Birth of a Hero by GFI
otherAspyr Ships Call of Duty 2 for Intel- and PowerPC-Based Macs
pcMerscom's ?Buku Blast? for the PC Ships in North America
consolesEagle Eye Golf for PlayStation 2 is Coming Soon
multiPlaywize Poker and Casino for PlayStation 2 and PSP
pcDark Messiah of Might and Magic Q&A
pcUltimate Duck Hunting's Release Date is Announced
mobileRange of Phone Games Now Released by Alten8
pcDark Messiah of Might and Magic: Multiplayer Сlasses
mobileCyboid by Bobbee Tec Ready for Nokia 6600 Phones
pcMerscom's ?Buku Blast? for the PC
mobileOfficial Premier Rugby Union 2006 Hits O2
pcShip Simulator 2006 Goes Gold
pcEnkord Announces Clash'N Slash: Worlds Away
otherMicrosoft's Sponsorship of American Le Mans Series Race Team
pcRush for Berlin Multiplayer Demo is Available
on-linePublic Beta for ?Bang! Howdy? Now Open
pcHalf-Life 2: Episode One Available June 1
mobileMiss Spider ? Harvest Time Hop and Fly by Shin'en Multimedia
pcMorpheme Launches Balloon Headed Boy for PC
mobileGitaroo Man Lives!
pcAlawar Releases Crusaders of Space 2
multiHitman: Blood Money Hits Shops
multiMetro 3D Partners with B.C. Rich
on-lineExperience the Adventure Available Nowhere Else
consolesRockstar Games' Table Tennis for the Xbox 360
otherEmma Griffiths to Host Golden Joysticks TV Show
mobileTenchu: Time of the Assassins for PSP
otherNew Xbox 360 Accessories from Nyko
pcThe Turds by Codemasters
mobileTennis Champs 2006 by Xing Mobile
pcFlashpoint Germany Updated to Version 1.11
multiEarache Extreme Metal Racing is Coming
mobileReaxion Brings Incadia Puzzle Game to Mobile Phones
multiUbisoft and Touchstone Team up to Create 'Lost' Video Game
pcBurn Website Launched
multiSuper-Bikes Riding Challenge
mobile?Cyboid? Ready for Nokia N-Gage QD Phones
mobileNew from Xing Mobile: Balloon Popper
pcIron Warriors: T-72 Tank Command Goes Gold
pcStrategy First Signs Birth of America
consolesKingdom Hearts II by Square Enix
pcParaworld Fact Sheet
pcAnno 1701 - Product information
pcThe Da Vinci Code Video Game is Released
pcTetsuo's Back... with a Calculator!
otherAlten8 Deals with IME Games
otherBreakpoint to conquer Asia
mobileSuperMemo Handy by Breakpoint
pcNew Sunage Art and Features Revealed
pcDominions 3 Updates
multiLMA Manager 2007 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and PC
mobilePlay, Remember, Have Fun!
pcUniversal Keepsake Patch 1.6 is Released
otherTrueplayerz & RDK League: the Latest Season of Halo 2 Tournament
mobileIce Cream Empire for Mobile Phones
mobile2 New Games from Xing Mobile
consolesMonopoly, Boggle, Yahtzee, Battleship for Nintendo DS
pceGames to Serve Up Cake Mania
pcMod Tools for Take Command
pcThe E3 2006 Trailer for ?Stranger? is Available
pcMap Editor and Update 1.04 for Star Wars: Empire at War
otherNintendo Announces Its Summer Software Line Up
pcHyperspace Invader by URSE
otherSystemax Introduces Wildcat Gaming System
pcAlawar Releases 'Tiny Worlds'
pcThe E3 2006 Trailer for 'Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory'
pcDark Matter - Big Toe's
multiFlushed Away Fact Sheet
consolesSadness for Wii
pcSabotage is Sleeper Hit of the Show
mobileMotoGP by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
mobileSyphon Filter: Dark Mirror on PSP
pcSteel Panthers Storms Ashore
mobilePlayer X and Hornby Makes Tracks for Scalextric Mobile Game
consolesSmash Bros. Game For Wii Console
mobileCreatures of the Deep for Nokia N-Gage
consolesIndiana Jones 2007
multiLEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
pcStar Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption
consolesRed Steel for Nintendo Wii
consolesEnchanted Arms Fact Sheet
consolesTokobot Plus: Mysteries of the Karakuri
pcTHQ's Titan Quest
consolesDead or Alive: Xtreme 2
on-linePlay Free Online Chess
mobileSystem Rush: Evolution
pcGothic 3: E3 Trailer
consoles'Dawn Of Mana' Fact Sheet
consolesCapcom Announces Mega Man ZX for the Nintendo DS
consolesValkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria
consolesValkyrie Profile: Lenneth
consolesFinal Fantasy XII New Fact Sheet
pcAncient Wars: Sparta
pcMedieval II: Total War Fact Sheet
pcDestroy All Humans! 2
multi'Alone In The Dark' Brings Action Survival to PlayStation 3
mobileElectronic Arts Releases Madden NFL 07 on Mobile Phones
multiKonami to Release Hellboy
mobileNamco Networks and Sprint to Launch Super PAC-MAN
mobileScene It? the DVD Game Goes Mobile
mobileFinal Fantasy for Mobile Phones
multiUbisoft and Free Radical Launch New Video Game Franchise: Haze
otherLogitech Unveils DriveFX Wheel
otherLogitech Issues Its G25 Racing Wheel
otherNew Look End2End Forges Closer Links with MACH
mobileNew from Xing Mobile: Super Nanat Xplozion
mobileSlam Dunk Basketball 2006 by Xing Mobile
consolesMadden NFL 07 Gets Physical on Nintendo Wii
consolesRockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV to Appear on Next-Gens in October
otherTake-Two Interactive Software Establishes 2K Shanghai
pc1483 Online Enters Beta Testing
mobileMobile 3d Game ?Cyboid? Released for Nokia 3650 Phones
on-lineBeta Sign-Up Begins for ArchLord
consolesSega Announces A Bizarre 3rd Person Shooter!
multiF.E.A.R. to strike Xbox 360 ? Autumn 2006
pcJoint Task Force to Deploy During Autumn 2006
pcSega Announces 'Rome: Total War ? Alexander'
pc?WarBirds 2006? Simulation Game Launches on May 8th
pcUSAF Pilot Training: Road to the ThunderBirds
multiEidos and TT Games Announce Bionicle Heroes
consolesColin McRae to Return in 2007
pcSecond North American Demo for Shadowgrounds
mobileCrash Bandicoot Debuts On Nintendo DS This Fall
multiReservoir Dogs: Tarantino's Cult Classic To Make Gaming Debut
pcA Sinister Shadow in Flight Simulator 2004
pcSave Monstertown From Destruction!
mobileSudden Strike Franchise Goes to Mobiles
pcPanzer Elite Action ? Dunes of War
otherUbisoft Announces E3 2006 Video Game Lineup
mobileVerizon Wireless Selects New WiderThan Game Titles for Get It Now
consolesUbisoft Launches New Video Game Franchise: Assassin's Creed
pc2K Games to Publish Ghost Rider Video Game
mobileid Software and Fountainhead Entertainment Join Forces
mobileEA Unveils Line-Up of Wireless Titles at E3
mobileNew from Xing Mobile: Bubu Kong
pcXing Interactive Presents Jewel Fever for PC
otherIGN: Halo 3 and Legend of Zelda Are the Most Anticipated Titles
on-line'The Murky Truth' by Hiding Buffalo
pcReef Entertainment to Ship Its Premier Titles This May
pcNew 3D RPG Game ?Grotesque - Heroes Hunted?
multiEA Marks Release of 2006 FIFA World Cup
mobileM:Metrics: What Ails the Mobile Games Industry?
consolesEA Unveils 'Army of Two'
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