news :: January 2006

consolesTest Drive Unlimited
pcG2 Games unleash Alliance Future Combat
pcBlackbean attacks Dangerous Waters
pcIMC take care of of Age of Pirates in five languages
consolesBrain Age for Nintendo DS
pcChoose your life in Flatspace II
pcDestineer partners with Tripwire Interactive
otherDissecta event The Year of Next Gen
multiLiquid Games teams with NCH for game art competition
pcWar Plan Orange updated
pcPhelios releases Bunny Bunny
pcSpellForce 2 Question and Answer
pcStar Wars Empire at War
pcTHQ and Relic announce new expansion for Dawn of War
pcGSC clarifying rumours on STALKER
consolesKey characters in Trapt
mobileMahjongg Match from Xing Mobile
pcWinter Challenge has gone gold
pcEA and Crytek announce development of Crysis
consolesProDG for PSP wins 2005 Front Line Award
otherTraffic Games partners with Campbell Doyle
consolesSNK announces The King of Fighters Neowave for Xbox
pcWar World: Tactical Combat gone Gold
consolesWild Water adrenalin - featuring Salomon
multiSpring Release For New "guilty Gear" Handheld Titles Confirmed
otherAlienware Presents New Area-51 7500 and Aurora 7500 Systems
otherAbertay computer games degree goes global with launch in NA
otherClimax Appoints Talented Technical Director to Spearhead
multiJoin the family and become the Godfather
otherEpic Games Goes On The Hunt For Unreal New Talent
pcIncaGold announces Crazy MiniGolf
pcEpic announced Meteor Blade
mobileThe Captain Is Back...
pcBattleground Europe Offers Free 14 Day Tour of Duty
mobileOzura gives out cash for winners
mobileOzura launches new mobile game for Valentine's Day
pcTopWare delivers games via
consolesNew trailer for Tamagotchi Connection
pcSEGA announces Condemned Criminal Origins for the PC
consolesKojima books Metal Gear Solid for PSP
consolesCheck Mate to Konami
pcBlackbean Rolls Out Its Iron Warriors!
multiSega Announces Brand New Super Monkey Ball Adventure
pcFreaky Tuner is looking for distributors/publishers
pcTrackmania Nations ESWC
pcPacific Storm Release Date Announced
multiCommandos Strike Force European release date
consolesLara Croft Tomb Raider Legend for the PSP
otherEnvizions to unveil the EVO Phase One prototype
otherFuture US To Publish Official E3 Show Daily Newspaper
consolesMarble Blast Ultra available on the Xbox 360 Live
consolesKillzone: Liberation Lands on PSP
consolesKonami announces Dance Dance Revolution Supernova
consolesSilent Hill Experience for PSP
consolesDestiny awaits in Suikoden V
consolesKonami goes naval gazing on PSP and Nintendo DS
consolesKonami revs up Pocket Racers
consolesAc!d returns to PSP
otherESC/MCV Industry Poker Tournament Reaches Dramatic Climax
multiFINAL FANTASY XI Treasures of Aht Urhgan release date
pcThe Three Musketeers new multi-lingual demo available
pcSkunk Studios launches QBeez 2
pcGameTap Goes Tomb Raiding Again
multiEvolution GT
consolesCapcom announces Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
pcSacred brings ADESE Award to Ascaron Entertainment
multiMarc Ecko's Getting Up goes gold
pcCDV Releases American Conquest: Divided Nation Trailer
on-lineMGN announces launch of new gaming site
consolesExperience real fear with Forbidden Siren 2 Launches First Online Sudoku for Cash
consolesSony acquires Zipper Interactive
consoles50 Cent Bulletproof becomes a blockbuster hit
pcGMX announces Ostfront
pcRebellion develops PRISM for Playlogic
consolesCombat Task Force 121
consolesKoei announced the release date for Atelier Iris
consolesAtari launches Driver Parallel Lines official website
otherAura Play and Xfire reach online agreement
pcCaravel Games releases DROD Perfection
pcCDV and Enlight to publish three strategy titles
otherGamArena signs agreement with Jan-Ove Waldner
mobileA new mobile gaming technology
otherRussian Game Developers Conference 2006 announced
on-lineFuncom launches new Age of Conan community portal
pcGMX announces Pacific Storm
pcBode Miller Alpine Skiing goes gold in North America
mobileDilbert brings his office antics to mobile phones
otherOxygen enters in partnership with Crave Entertainment
otherPinpoint to unveil Neuros
otherPlayer X has signed up Lars Becker
consolesRealscan 3D rocks with Spy Hunter Nowhere to Run
otherTrueplayerz returns on Xbox Live
pcJoin Snowy the Bear for a new adventure
mobileStormlord comes to Symbian smartphones
mobileExcalibur Publishing secures deal for Fritz Chess Pocket Version
mobileUpstart Games & G-mode form global publishing partnership
mobileThunderbolts & Lightning Fairy Fairy Frightening
pcThe King Of RTS Returns For A New War
pcUltimate Terrain USA & Ultimate Terrain Canada/Alaska
mobileMobile Distillery Announces Commercial Launch of Celsius 3.0
otherKingdom Under Fire: Heroes Xbox Live Tournament Weekend
otherMatrix Games Brings Home a Crown of Glory
on-lineEVE Online Voted Reader's Choice at MMORPG.COM
mobileParty games get Dirty for the MTV generation
on-lineSonic Riders Website Is Go!
mobileMobile+Pet: Silicon Seeds introduces a revolutionary mobile title
pcXfire Blazes Past Three Million Registered Users introduces a new online skillgame: House Of Cards
consolesTake-Two and Tecmo announce Tokobot
mobileJAMDAT Launches SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Mobile Recon In Europe
on-lineCodemasters announces ArchLord MMORPG
otherMajesco Announces Fourth Quarter And Year-End Results
otherSteel Monkeys Joins The Massive Video Game Network
otherWorld Cyber Games Featured on 60 Minutes This Weekend
consolesJust When You Thought It Was Safe To Turn On The TV...
pcBlack Bean puts Spitfires in the sky over London!
pc777 Professional
on-lineWorld of Warcraft reaches one million customers in Europe
pcLegion Arena Embraces Cult Of Mithras
on-lineWorld of Warcraft Lunar New Year Festivities
pcFrozenbyte to publish Shadowgrounds in North America
other10tacle will participate in the Games Convention 2006
pcA beautiful land brimming with adventure
otherCDV Offers New Purchasing Options with New Digital Downloads
pcClose Combat RAF Regiment from CSO Simtek
consolesDr Sudoku for Game Boy Advance
otherHalo 2 Major League Gaming Free For All Rocks Xbox Live Tonight!
multiBonus DVD now available with pre-order of Stacked
pcLula 3D is coming to North America
otherPenny Arcade Expo 3rd annual gaming festival
pcThe Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript
pcM.A.N.2 new Beta heads up forward open public distribution
consolesDead or Alive 4 bursts onto the scene
pcNew realistic Regiment combat simulator from Konami
pcRF Online pre-order packs now available in stores
mobileGlu Announces the Launch of Diner Dash for Mobile Phones
otherChrysler Launches All New Virtual Film Competition In Park City
consolesDriver Parallel Lines
pcFirst Class Simulations launches EZ-Scenery
otherex-Special-Forces instructors offer unique Gamer Reality events
multiTake A Slice Of Samurai Warriors To Go
otherMicrosoft and 4Kids Entertainment form alliance
otherRelease 5.0 of the PathEngine SDK
pcPrairie Games releases Minions Of Mirth
consolesGet Ready For A Wild Video Game Adventure
consolesTrue Swing Golf from Nintendo
pcSupreme Ruler 2010 available by digital download
multiJowood Productions releases Panzer Elite Action demo
multi2K Sports Announces World Poker Tour for the Sony PSP
pcWWII Tank Commander Release Date Revealed
otherAGEIA Plan to Fully Integrate PhysX SDK with Gamebryo 3D Pack
otherDestineer Studios to Support AGEIA PhysX Technology
otherDROD comes to Mac
otherNew concept in component middleware solutions
otherChrysler launches new The Movies Virtual Film Competition
multiElectronic Arts announced Medal of Honor Airborne
otherGameTap And Logitech Ink Marketing Deal
mobileSkipping Stone short-listed for GSM Association 2006 Awards
mobilePlayer X bets on i-mode Casino content
mobileNamco Networks Launches New Collection Of Game Ringtones
otherTechnology Retailer Show 2006
multiOfficial website for Crash Dummy goes online
other21 Year-Old Utah Blogger To "Rocket" To Edge Of Space
pcDominate the Web with the Galactic Civilizations II Fan Site Kit
on-lineDark Age of Camelot Roundtable Road Trip dates
pcMeridian4 Signs Agreement with Cinemax on Daemonica
consolesBecome part of an epic tale
on-lineGalactica goes gold
otherCasuality Seattle announces Bing Gordon as key speaker
otherCDV Sponsors Blitzkrieg 2 Community Site at
pcAround the World is now available
otherDavid Orman named VP at Massive Incorporated
mobileOzura launches new action game Busy Bar
mobileOzura launches new casino game Sexy Cards
multiTom Clancy's Rainbow Six Critical Hour Announced
consolesNew Bubble Bobble Evolution screens
pcClose to 60% of UK Teachers want games in the classroom
consolesKonami unleashes third Dancing Stage for Xbox
pcBoeing 727 "Whisperjet"
multiLotR: The Battle For Battle For Middle-earth II For The Xbox 360
pcDungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach European Website
multiTimeShift Fan Site Kit Blasts onto the Web
pcCDV launches the official ?berSoldier web site
otheriGames goes on a mission with Counter-Strike competition
pcIncaGold Announces New "Tactical Manager" Series
mobileIn-Fusio launches Ferrari Championship for mobile
mobileI-play Launches Branded Games Channel in Sweden
otherNCsoft establishing a wholly owned subsidiary in Japan
otherFirst Dungeons & Dragons Online game database goes live
consolesUbisoft to bring Astonishia Story to the PSP system
consolesUbisoft Announces Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials
consolesFar Cry Instincts to deliver new adventures
multiKonami of Europe's online quiz offers ultra rare white PSP
consolesSega confirms OutRun 2006 for Xbox
consolesEA Announces Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover
multi4Kids will develop Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
pcAlawar releases Strike Ball 2
multiDreamCatcher to Publish FUEL
otherGameTap Announces Licensing Deals With Three New Publishers
pcGarageGames releases TubeTwist
otherWild Bill Stealey gives Frazer Nash his wings back
pcLighthouse navigating deep space
otherPopCap and Games for Health announce research initiative
pcPostal producers make end run around censorship
consolesSquare Enix brings Dragon Quest to Europe
pcStrategy First terminates their Agreement with GFI
consolesTalkMan break barriers that keep nationalities apart
pcEA Announces New Booster Packs For Battlefield 2
consolesUbisoft announces Monster 4x4 World Circuit for Xbox
on-lineBattleground Europe deploys snipers to the battlefield
pcHearts of Iron II Doomsday
multiMajor League Baseball to utilize Inside Edge technology
otherEvergreen announces Sex in Video Games Conference
on-lineFuncom brings SpeedTree RT into Age of Conan
pcThe Sims 2 Open for Business fact sheet
consolesKonami ships Yu-Gi-Oh GX Duel Academy for GBA
pcNew Keepsake trailer
pcMeridian4 embarks on another Great Journey
pcMerscom brings Poker Academy to the UK and Nordics
pcMiXem launches
on-lineNCsoft and ArenaNet announce Guild Wars Factions
consolesWi-Fi-ready Tetris Ds falls into place on March 20
consolesThe ghosts of Project Zero 3 The Tormented
pcTwo from Strategy First on Steam February 7
mobileDr Tetsuo on his way to rule the minds
consolesNicktoons Unite DS ships
consolesTwo Tribes announces Garfield's A Tail of Two Kitties
mobileHell's Bell released on January 2006
pcEnkord announces Jewel of Atlantis
consolesFinding Nemo for Nintendo DS
other10tackle Studios AG starts the year with new productions
mobileGlu challenges mobile myths with new consumer survey
mobileiFone launches Monkey Ball Mini Golf on mobile phones
mobileiFone crowned Top Performing Mobile Game Publisher
mobileJadestone released Kodo
otherMad Catz signs distribution agreement with In2Games
otherNamco Networks established as mobile game subsidiary
on-lineRunestone announces beta test sign-ups for Seed
pcStrategy First to publish Seal of Evil in North America
otherTake-Two Interactive acquires Irrational Games
pcX? Reunion
on-lineHybrid browser-based adventure released
pcCore Defender now available
on-lineGameTap and Intel bring gaming to the digital home
otherGLU names Kristian Segerstr?le as managing director
mobileI-play reveals stellar Q1 roadmap
otherMobile Media Company acquires Overloaded
otherTake your PSP online with WiFi MAX
consolesBubble Bobble evolves
on-lineUbisoft brings EverQuest II Kingdom of Sky to Europe
pcThe Battle for Middle-Earth II Collector's Edition
consolesCapcom announces Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting
consolesCrave Entertainment puts pedal to the metal
otherNintendo Europe takes the new year by storm
mobileYoung Bond goes to school
multiWorld Racing 2 website launched
mobileJamdat launches SOCOM mobile game
otherTake-Two announces preliminary fiscal 2005 results
otherVivendi Universal Games acquires High Moon Studios
mobileCodename: Havoc
pcSolitaire lovers love unique game variations
on-lineCodemasters licenses RF Online for mainland Europe
mobileSudoku for mobile
pcEA announces The Sims 2 Open for Business
consolesFord Racing 3
otherNamco and Bandai officially integrate in North America
mobileSennari launches PrizePlay on Vodafone live
otherJoin the video game revolution
otherPhilips announced new tabletop gaming platform
consolesDevil May Cry 3 Special Edition for the PlayStation 2
mobileFishlabs has licensed five mobile games to Superscape
consolesMedia Boss receives 5 out of 5 from Digital Media Online
on-lineN-Gage Arena Anytime Anywhere Tournament
otherOctagon Entertainment sets up development unit
otherNintendo's hand-held systems buck the holiday trend
mobileA success from PlayStation now in cell phones
mobile3D mobile Flight Sim Pearl Harbor to be released shortly
otherEveryman Should Have A Go At Jacking In The New Year
pcPlaylogic launches new website and new hot trailer Launches Auction Video Games Web Site
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