news :: December 2006

hardwareWii Gets Opera
businessFox Sports Announces Digital Distribution of Full-length Bowl Championship Series Games
hardwareMojoPlay Announces 2007 Line of Gaming LCD Displays
businessAscaron Unveils the New Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Website
softwareEA Reveals Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars: Kane Edition
businessFireglow Launches a New Brand Website
softwareNew for Xbox 360: 'Crackdown' on Crime this February
softwareWarhammer Online: Age of Reckoning - Nordland Zone Overview
softwareWarhammer Online: Age of Reckoning - Karak Eight Peaks Overview
softwareSpecial Christmas Treat on the Way for Wii
softwareNew for Xbox 360: Virtua Fighter 5 from SEGA
softwareEA Brings Furry Friends to Mobiles with The Sims 2 Pets
softwareArma: Armed Assault Multiplayer Demo Available
softwareAtari Offers Two PC Game Collections This Christmas
softwareXmas Free Game Level ? Outbreak - Alten8
softwareVoyage Century Q&A with Daniel Lin
businessCommunity Spotlight: Solo Content
businessCasual Play: Solo Content Builds Communities
softwareFonix VoiceIn in New Xbox 360 Video Game
softwareNew Footage of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Available
softwareSmash the Mole Exclusive to
softwareIconic Game's 15th Anniversary of Another World
hardwarePrevent your Xbox 360 Discs from Scratching with Zoozen Protector
softwareWitness Sci-Fi Motoring Mayhem With New Assets for Novadrome
softwareOzura Unveils Five New Games for Q1 2007
businessTelcogames Moves into the US
softwareLEGO Star Wars II Goes Mobile
softwareDisney Releases Disney's Chicken Little: Ace in Action for the Wii
softwareGumboy Bounces, Floats and Rolls on to Steam!
businessAkamai Content Distribution Infrastructure Adopted in PS Network
softwareD3Publisher of America's Earth Defense Force 2017 for Xbox 360
softwareEA Reinvents Two Classic Puzzle Games For iPod
softwareEA Brings id Software's Orcs & Elves to Mobiles in Europe
softwareA Brand New Demo for Football Mogul 2007 Is Available
businessGlu Expands Opens New Offices in France and Germany
softwareHudson Brings an Enhanced Version of BurgerTime to Cellphones
softwareDestroy or Be Destroyed in the Arenas of ?Novadrome?
businessThe Collective Launches Official Harker Website
businessWarner Bros. to Oversee Codemasters' NA Videogame Distribution
softwareS.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl - Developer Diary Number 2
softwareOrangePixel Releases Rocketboy 2 for Mobiles
hardwareAlienware Issues Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700-based Desktop
softwareDAZ 3D Launches Victoria 4.0
softwareEA Announces Medal of Honor Vanguard
softwareWorld of Warcraft: Patch 2.0.2, Before the Storm
softwareBob McMillen Named Cover Athlete for Arena Football: Road to Glory
softwareGuildCafe Rolls Out New Tools for One-of-a-Kind Guild Organization
softwareI-play Unveils Its Q1 2007 Line Up of Casual Mobile Games
softwareLudimate Issues Tilelander
softwareThree New Classic Games Announced for Wii Shop Channel
softwareNintendo Unveils Action Packed Q1 2007 Wii Line-up
hardwareNintendo: Proper Wii Remote Usage
softwareSelatra Gears Up for Superbikes World Championship 2007
hardwareShieldZone Releases New Accessory for Nintendo Wii
hardwaresunflex to Offers High-end Cables for Nintendo Wii
softwareUFO: Afterlight Game Features Revealed
softwareNintendo Reveals Nintendo DS Release Schedule for Q1 2007
hardwareNintendo Wii's Wrist Straps Replacement Program Starts
hardwareHow Are Video Game Consoles Being Rated This Holiday Season?
softwareQ&A on Boxing Manager by Claas Wolter from dtp
softwareFonix VoiceIn in New Xbox 360 Video Game
softwareKudos Update Released
softwareNew Vanguard: Saga Of Heroes Screenshots
businessTake-Two Reminds Parents to Check the ESRB Rating
businessWarner Bros. Entertainment to Invest in SCi Entertainment Group
softwareShadowgrounds Soundtrack Now Available
softwareD3Publisher Goes Handheld for Q1
softwareEureka Seven Vol. 2: The New Vision for Playstation 2 Announced
softwareThe Rational meets the Supernatural...
businessWin a Nokia N73 Using Your Pixel Artists Skills
softwareSWAT Force - Best Wireless Game at Spike TV Video Game Awards
softwareFlying Club X Out Soon
hardwareWiFi MAX for Nintendo Wii and DS/DS Lite Shipping
hardwareMAX Memory Comes to the Wii, Packed with PowerSaves
hardwareWii 1GB Trans?Mem Released
softwareWii to Start the Mercury Meltdown Revolution
businessCommunity Spotlight: New Firefly MMO, Good or Bad?
softwareOz World at a Glance
softwareFuncom Launches 'Anarchy Online ? Lost Eden'
softwareWario Ware: Smooth Moves for Wii to Ship on 12th January 2007
softwareI-play, GolfSpan Bring First Instructional Golf Video Clips to Mobile
softwareMerscom to Publish The Ship in North America
softwareNamco Bandai's The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean
softwareExcite Truck Comes for Wii
softwareOxygen Games to Lauch World Championship Poker 2
softwareStar Wars Lethal Alliance for Nintendo DS Released
softwareGlu Mobile Signs Atari's Centipede Title
softwareRunaway: The Dream of the Turtle - the Stars of the Show
hardwareWii in Europe: Has Come and Sold Out
softwareBratz Ponyz Canter into Stores Summer 2007
softwareFatal Inertia - Introduction to Locations
businessThe Grand Finale of Beauty Queen, Malaysia's First & Largest Live Mobile Game Tournament Featuring Miss Malaysia
softwareAgetec to Release Raw Danger for PlayStation 2 in February
softwareRed Ocean: Explosive Action on Display
softwareEA to Publish Sony's Untold Legends for PlayStation 3 in Europe
software'Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures' Approved for Xbox 360
businessNetDevil Signs Interactive Entertainment PR Firm Kohnke Comm.
softwareSEGA Signs Obsidian Entertainment to Develop Alien Title
softwareTecmo's Super Swing Golf for Wii Shipping
softwareCSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard Evidence Announced
softwareDragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 for Wii
softwareEA Announces Sims 2 Seasons
softwareTamagotchi Connexion: Corner Shop 2 to Ship in March, 2007
business2006 MMOWTF Awards
businessExit Games Neutron Powers Mobile Multiplayer Gaming in Japan
softwareKonami Ships Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Mix
businessRed 5 Studios Grows with $18.5 Million
softwareAir Assault Task Force Storms The World
softwareSEGA to Bring Alien Franchise to Next-Gen Consoles
softwareOrangePixel Releases BubbleBee Quicktype
softwareWii Gets Four New Classic Games
softwareThe Gameplay Modes of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved Mobile
softwareSamurai Warriors 2 Empires Announced for North America
softwareUbisoft Unveils Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
softwareScreens for the Streamlined Platypus Take Flight
softwareEnlight Releases Football Mogul 2007
softwareI-play Brings Jack Bauer Back to Mobile Phones in 24: Agent Down
softwareEA Issues Burnout Dominator for PlayStation 2 and PSP
businessAlten8 Sponsors Mean Machines and More into 2007
softwareAtari Launches 'Point Blank DS'
hardwareIdeazon Reaper Gaming Mouse Review
businessCasual Play: What Makes WoW Dumb?
businessExit Games Grabs 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Award
softwareTrioncube Blasts onto the Nintendo DS
softwareSpectrobes Awaken for New Screens
softwareXmas Alten8 Line Up Revealed
softwareLuxor: Wrath of Set Slithers onto the Small Screen
softwareDominions 3 Version 3.04 Now Available
businessPlayStation Network Debuts PSP and PS3 Title Download Service
softwareRatchet & Clank: Size Matters for PSP - an Updated Fact Sheet
softwareRomance of the Three Kingdoms XI Announced for North America
hardwareXbox 360 Handbook: The Official User's Guide
softwareFinal Fantasy III for Nintendo DS Coming to Europe
businessMMOWTF: The GAME
businessAuto Assault Dev Journal: Matt Shaffer on Update 3 and Skill System
softwareNew Version 1.21 Weird Worlds Patch
softwareElectronic Arts Develops SSX Blur for Nintendo Wii
softwareJoWooD Productions Presents Its New Casual Line ?G-Stars?
softwareZatch Bell! Mamodo Fury Hits the Nintendo GameCube
softwareYou've Got Guild Mail!
softwareGlu's Global Lineup of Mobile Titles for the 2006 Holiday Season
softwareLighthouse to Publish WarPath for PC
softwareRoboBlitz for Xbox 360 Is Coming
businessAIS and Ozura Launch Miss Thailand 2006 in CoreGame Launches Worldwide Christmas Contest
softwarehell-tech Signs New Czech Adventure
softwareNamco Bandai Announces the Ultimate Sweepstakes for .hack
softwarePre-order of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Has Started
hardwarePlayStation 3 Sold on eBay Every Six Seconds
softwareEA Mythic Releases New Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Info
softwareAndy McNab's Enigma Force Launches on Mobile
businessSkillGround Launches Online Game Arena
businessGuildCafe Opens - Its Social Network for Gamers
softwareTortuga - Two Treasures
softwareVanguard: Saga of Heroes' Shadow Hound Bounds into Action
businessHeadgate Studios Team Joins EA Games
softwareXplosiv to Release Wild Earth in 2007
hardwareXbox 360 HD DVD Player Shipping
softwareShining Force EXA for PS2 Fact Sheet
softwareCrazy Frog Racer 2 for PS2 and PC Released
businessOzura's Beauty Queen Grand Finals Underway
softwareSystem 3 Releases Two Wii Titles
softwareTelcogames Launches 3D Puzzle Sil for Smartphones
softwareBattle the Insidious Krawl with the Third Webisode of Spectrobes
softwareSpace Renegades: The Series - Coming Monday
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