news :: August 2006

otherSony PSP's New Skins Are Available in Spain
pcAmerican McGee's Bad Day L.A. Is Available Via Gamer's Gate
multiBen Sherman Helps Atari to Develop Test Drive Unlimited
otherEA Brings In-Game Dynamic Advertising to Select Titles
pcGray Matter (working title) to Ship in Q4 2007
pcFlyBoys Squadron Launches from iEntertainment Network
otherMicrosoft's XNA Game Studio Express Public Beta Released
mobileBrothers in Arms D-Day for PSP System Is Announced
mobileCodemasters' TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge Comes to PSP
mobileBreakpoint to Release Da Vinci Flight
multiMarvel: Ultimate Alliance Scores Award-Winning Composers
mobileNew from Xing Mobile: Fishing Bart
multiEidos' Battlestations: Midway to Appear on Xbox 360 and PC
otherExent Enables In-Game Advertising for Merscom Games
pcPatch for 'Sword of the Stars' Available Now
multiCall of Juarez Gets Multiplayer Demo
mobileBubu Kong's Bath Time from Xing Mobile Is Released
mobileCodemasters Develops Cannon Fodder for the PSP System
otherPhilips Reveals First Integrated Version of Its Entertaible Platform
consolesSquare Enix's PAL Release for Dirge of Cerberus Final Fantasy VII
multiAtari Announces Second Test Drive Unlimited Demo
multiEA's Burnout 5 Crashes onto PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
on-lineCheyenne Mountain Licenses Unreal Engine 3 Technology
pcGamebience Announces 'Cricket Life 2007' for PC
otherQuake Returns to the World Cyber Games
on-lineDungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach Launches in Japan
pcSpace Renegades Finds Publisher
mobileVivendi Games to Release Delta Force Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre
consolesOfficial Title for Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire for PS 3 Announced
pcCall Of Juarez: Introducing Billy
on-lineIntroversion Launches Defcon
pcNorbyte Issues Spinnn
pcSpace Renegades: The Series' Demo Released
on-lineEA Mythic Develops Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn (Working Title)
on-lineNCsoft and ArenaNet to Ship Guild Wars Nightfall on October 27
pcAnaconda Announces Legend ? Hand of God at GC
pcField Ops Fact Sheet
multiThe Game Factory to Release Cartoon Network Racing
otherConspiracy Collaborates with Broadsword
pcJane Jensen Presents Gray Matter
mobileBreakpoint Presents Speedway3D
mobileBrain Age Review by Jonathan Trevisani
multiJust Cause Demo Is Available
pcFrictional Games Announces ?Penumbra - Overture?
mobileNew Multi-level Tetris from Mobile Alliance
mobileNurikabe by Breakpoint
consolesRuff Trigger Blasts His Way onto the PlayStation 2
otherMicrosoft Performs with Windows and Xbox 360 Titles during GC
multiTest Drive Unlimited - Manufacturer Overview: Weismann
pcCommand & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Fact Sheet
multiLara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend Comes to Nintendo Platforms
multiJust Cause for PC and Xbox 360 Fact Sheet
pcLeft Behind: Eternal Forces Demo to Appear on August, 29
pcCrimson Cow and Alcachofa Soft to Release 'The Abbey'
otherNowitzki, Gasol, Parker, Diaw Join McGrady on NBA Live 07 Covers
otherLucasArts Joins Forces with Free Radical Design
pcPerimeter: Emperor's Testament Demo Released
pcDominions 3: The Awakening Goes Gold
pcNext Chapter in Silent Hunter Submarine Franchise from Ubisoft
consolesSuikoden V Casts Its Spell this September
consolesKonami Rounds Up First Wii Title for Games Convention
multiKonami to Ship Pro Evolution Soccer 6
mobileKonami eyes Street Supremacy
consolesSecond Lap for Kaido Racer
mobileKonami Unveils Silent Hill Origins for PlayStation Portable
mobileKonami Brings Ys: The Ark of Napishtim to PSP
consolesKonami's Demon Chaos Unleashes Hell on Earth
mobileMario Slam Basketball Debuts on the Nintendo DS
consolesEA Unveils the Future of Soccer with FIFA Soccer 07 on Xbox 360
multiNBA '07 for Sony PlayStation 2 and PSP to Feature Kobe Bryant
pcCodemasters Signs Hospital Tycoon for PC
consolesExplore a Much Wilder West on PlayStation 2
otherSony Showcases Pink Sony PlayStation 2
on-lineArchLord Beta Test Goes Live
pcBrain Workout - Launch of Brain Training Game for PC
pcParaWorld Goes Gold
pcTechland Releases Xpand Rally Xtreme's First Gameplay Movie
otherEA Has Chosen Epic's Unreal Engine 3 for Its Next-Gen Titles
consolesEA to Publish Battlefield: Bad Company for Xbox 360 and PS3
otherTrinigy Integrates AGEIA PhysX into Vision Engine 6.0 Game Engine
otherCeidot Supports AGEIA PhysX Processor in Sovereign Symphony
pcSteel Monkeys Licenses AGEIA PhysX for 2 Days to Vegas
on-lineNival Secures Publisher-wide License for AGEIA PhysX Technology
pcAlten8 Looking For More Retail Support
pcKudos Patch 1.11 Released
pcUndercover: Operation Wintersun ? Beta Testing Has Begun
otherWave Generation's Artists Recognized in MTV Video Music Awards
consolesBullet Witch Fact Sheet
mobileUbisoft Introduces Star Wars: Lethal Alliance for PSP and DS
consolesF.E.A.R. Arrives to PlayStation 3 Platform
multiMetro 2033. The Last Refuge
multi2K Sports Introduces Cinemotion to NHL 2K7
multiEA Reveals FIFA 07's Soundtracks
pcFireglow Games Announces a Public Demo of ?Stranger'
pcFireglow Games Announces a Public Demo of ?Stranger'
mobileHudson Entertainment Presents Bob Marley's Burnin'
mobileNew from Xing Mobile: Jewel Collection
mobileLexicon Entertainment Announces 'Chronos Twins' for DS
mobileNamco Bandai Announces ?Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2?
pcParadox Interactive Makes "Victoria-Revolutions" Available
multiMain Theme for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 4: Double Agent Unveiled
pcMaelstrom's First Demo Now Available for Download
pcPingO to Support the Online Component for Hellgate: London
pcNew from Xing Interactive: Dig Dog Out for PC
mobileXing Poker for Mobiles Is Shipping
pcBrain Workout by Oak Systems
otherPro-G Prey Tournament
consolesUbisoft to Bring Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII to PlayStation 3
multiTest Drive Unlimited - SuperCharged GTS Prototype 2005 Overview
multiArthur and the Invisibles Fact Sheet
pcJane Jensen to Present ?Gray Matter? at dtp Press Conference
mobileDungeons & Dragons: Tactics - New Fact Sheet
mobileFishlabs Presents 1st Alpha of ?Blades & Magic? at Games Convention
pcAnaconda Announces Red Ocean for PC
mobileGlu Mobile Plans to Launch Kasparov Chess
mobileWarner Bros. Digital Distribution and I-play Bring The Mob to Mobile
pcMr. Smoozles Goes Nutso's Updated Demo & Free Development File
multiThe Hustle: Detroit Streets
multiTest Drive Unlimited - Manufacturer Overview: Maserati
consoles.hack//G.U. Vol.1:Rebirth - Character Descriptions
otherSpellborn Rocks the Games Convention
pcWings Over Europe - Cold War: Soviet Invasion
multiShaq Returns as Cover Athlete for NBA 2K7
pcThe Shady O' Grady's Rising Star Contest Countdown Continues
mobile?Cyboid? Ready for Nokia 6630 Phones
mobileBomberman Land Touch - Fact Sheet
pcFathammer Releases Toy Golf for Windows XP
multiNew Date for Death and Leipzig Here We Come?
on-lineNCsoft Brings Guild Wars Nightfall To Leipzig
multiEA Scores the Biggest Names in Football for FIFA 07
mobileIgnition Entertainment Brings Metal Slug to PSP
multiTest Drive Unlimited - Manufacturer Overview: Jaguar
pcSupreme Ruler 2010 Nominated for Awards
otherWorld Premiere of Xploder HDTV Player for PS2 at GC 2006 in Leipzig
mobileXing Mobile's Bart's Beer Bar
mobileYour World Games to Publish 'The Shroud' for Mobiles
otherNyko Xbox 360 Gameface 360 Coming This Summer
otherXploder HDTV and DVD Movie Players FAQs
pcMindscape's Brain Trainer to Ship in the Middle of September
consoles'One Piece: Grand Adventure' for Europe
pcVampire Story ? Press Report
consolesNinety-Nine Nights for Xbox 360 - Dwingvatt Info
consolesNinety-Nine Nights for Xbox 360 - Inphyy Info
consolesNinety-Nine Nights for Xbox 360 - Aspharr Info
othereDimensional's G-Pad Pro Gyroscopic Gamepad for PCs and Consoles
pcMuskedunder Interactive Unveils 'Ninja Loves Pirate'
multiDreamCatcher Games to Publish Neverend in North America
consoles?Mobile Suit Gundam? Gets Ready for War on PlayStation 3
pcShrapnel Games Lowers Prices
consolesAtari to Publish Bullet Witch for Xbox 360
pcAtari and Pat Sajak Announce Interactive Publishing Partnership
multiQuan Yin Sudoku by Xing Interactive/Mobile Is Released
mobileNew from Xing Mobile: Backgammon Match
pcThe Countdown to Stardom Is on!
pcVictoria: Revolutions, Feature #1 - Colonial System
pcWarhammer Online: Age of Reckoning - the Badlands Overview
on-lineWarhammer Online: Age of Reckoning - Black Orc and Ironbreaker
multiTest Drive Unlimited - Manufacturer Overview: Noble
mobileFive New Exclusive Alten8 Phone Games Released
pcAlawar Releases FlowerQuest and Sea Bounty for PC
otherQuakeCon 2006 - Fact Sheet
consolesUbisoft Launches Seven Wii Titles
consolesRampage: Total Destruction for Nintendo Wii
consolesNamco Announces ?Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles? for PlayStation 2
pcDreamCatcher Games to Publish Ship Simulator 2006
pcWar Front: Turning Point - The Ice Spitter Tank Revealed
mobileScooby-Doo! Who's Watching Who for PSP
mobileBroken Sword: Shadow of the Templars Comes to Windows Mobile
otherFormer iFone Executive Joins Telcogames as Chief Marketing Officer
otherAmerica's VideoGame Expo to Become a E3's Rival?
consolesMortal Kombat: Armageddon Limited Edition Premium Packs
otherHDTV DVD Movie Upgrade for PlayStation 2 by Xploder
otherdtp Entertainment Goes International
pcPNY and NVIDIA Launch the Verto GeForce 7600GS
pcPompolic : Call for Heroes' First Trailer Available
otherAladdin Resort in Las Vegas - Host Venue for USA WCG Final
multiTHQ Announces Barnyard Video Game
consolesSaints Row Demo Available on Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox 360
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