Postal stationery

a display by Timo Bergholm

Destinations Overseas
Destinations Russian PO's in Turkey and China
Usage (rates)
Revenue paid by post
Used in Finland
Used abroad Reply cards

Railway stations postmarks
Railway PO's postmarks
Numbered TPO postmarks
Local TPO postmarks

Steamship postmarks
Steamship local routes
Paquetbot postmarks

SPB town post postmarks
SPB town post numeral postmarks
Post stations postmarks
Temporary post offices postmarks

Telegraph postmarks
To pay marks
Time of delivery marks
Mute cancellations
Paid on delivery marks

Jail censorship marks
Country destination marks

Registered mail
For mailing abroad marks
For mailing inland marks
Registered in manuscript marks
Inland mail labels
Foreign mail labels

Romanov jubilee issues
Charity overprints