Used in Finland

a postal stationery display by Timo Bergholm

4k postcard used in Aland, in Mariehamn

4k to St Louis, USA, from Kuopio.

shipmail from Turku to Stockholm with "fran Finland" cancel

4k postcard used registered in Finland, from Helsinki to Prague.

Vehmersalmi straight line postmark

Haukkavaara straight line postmark

Romanov 4 kop used from Loviisa to Gernany 30.7.1913.

5 kop domestic rate from 12.4.1914. 5kop card is used on 24.10.1914

8 kop rate to abroad from 14.9.1917. 8 kop card to Sweden used on 23.1.1918.

a privite card from an older woman (from Kemi, North Finland, or South Lapland) to her sister to Upsale, Sweden. 

The Russian stamps and stationery were the only valid payment for mail to abroad  until 11.3.1918. On 12.3.1918 the Saarinen type stamps were recognized for post to abroad. (for domestic mail they were was valid earlier). The Russian stamps and stationery remained valid in Finland for mail to abroad until 25.4.1918. So, it was possible to use Finnish stamps with Russian ones for foreign mail from 12.3 to 25.4. 1918. (totally about six weeks)  As it was not popular to use Russian stamps anymore that time mixed franked items are quite scarce.

Helsinfors-SPB TPO posmark

Helsinfors-SPB TPO posmark