Paid on delivery marks

a postal stationery display by Timo Bergholm

Although paid on delivery mail - NALOZHENNIY PLATEZH originally was introduced for defraying goods sent by post (on arrival of a parcel the post office collected the declared value from the addressee and posted the money to the sender). But some companies had found that the way of collecting money from a customer was effective they used insured postcards for sending invoices for collecting money from customers via post offices (as it was faster and cheaper than money transfers)

a postcard to a Moscow grocery

posted via Moscow-N.Novgorod TPO and delivered via Moscow town post

The text on the reverse is an order to the grocery to send sausages. The mark Nalozheniy Platezh is the grocery office manager's resolution for sales department: "to send with paid on delivery mail". In this case it's just the office cachet and has nothing with postal marks.