Susie Blue's One Way Ticket to the Blues

Solitaire Miles has a talent for lighting upon long forgotten, recherche songs and making hits out of them. Some of the best musicians in Chicago enjoy collaborating with Miles because she always finds something interesting for them to dig their chops into. Even Grammy winning artists like Howard Levy or TC Furlong have joined her band Susie Blue & the Lonesome Fellas taking up bygone melodies and unknown originals and making hits out of them, like the tune Blue Train from their recent same-titled release.

Her new video "One Way Ticket to the Blues" is a flashback to 1980's MTV style storytelling, with a little bit of kitch, because the tune was written in 1959 by Jack Keller and Hank Hunter in the style of a late 50's Suspense Motif... like many of the early James Bond themes or TV themes like Henry Mancini's "Peter Gunn Theme", which was also released on Blue Train.

"One Way Ticket" was first performed and recorded by a myriad of American and European groups in the 1960's, but in typical fashion Miles and her band, featuring guitarist Neal Alger and keyboardist Don Stille on Hammond organ, give it a totally new and fresh spin, keeping it bluesy, and acoustic.

Jazz Critic Preston Frazier from Something Else Reviews perfectly sums the song up... "One Way Ticket to the Blues" effectively utilizes the train theme with its muscular Hammond organ and vibrato guitar. Miles and the backing vocalists create imagery which is clear, and highly entertaining."

The 3 minute video is a fun ride, taking you back to the spy song drama of the 1960's but with a 2023 flair. JMR - Chicago Music Guide

You can watch the video on Youtube

"Vocalist Solitaire Miles holds fast to a sound reminiscent of roadside bars where just three people are left near closing at the pinball machine." - Wall Street Journal

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