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USA December 2008
AK, AlaskaJazz Party at Seatba December 2008
AL, BirminghamBlues Balltba December 2008
CA, San DiegoHoliday Jazz & Blues Festivaltba December 2008
CA, San FranciscoSan Francisco Balboa Festivaltba December 2008
OH, Oxford Harpin' n' Pickin'tba December 2008
South America December 2008
Cayman Islands, Grand CaymanCayman Island Jazz Festivaltba December 2008
Mexico, Cabo San LucasCabo Jazz Escapetba December 2008
Europe December 2008
Italy, FoggiaFoggia Jazz Festivaltba December 2008
Asia, Africa, Oceania December 2008
Australia, GoulburnAustralian Jazz Conventiontba December 2008
Australia, LismoreAustralian Jazz Conventiontba December 2008
Australia, Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island Jazz Festivaltba December 2008
Australia, WoodfordWoodford Folk Festivaltba December 2008
Malaysia, PenangPenang Island Jazz Festivaltba December 2008
Nepal, KathmanduKathmandu Blues 2006tba December 2008