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Mezzrow's Official Opening & Website
28.08.2014 Mezzrow, our new jazz piano room in Greenwich Village, opens on September 3rd with the Legendary Johnny O'Neal. Mezzrow is a listening room and lounge located at 163 West 10th Street (at the corner of 7th ave) in the basement space. read more

New Release: Tim Ferguson "Inside/Out Hold That Thought!”
27.08.2014 New Release: Tim Ferguson "Inside/Out Hold That Thought!" Tim Ferguson- bass Rob Henke-trumpet Diane Moser-piano (Planet Arts 301417) Street Date October 7, 2014 Live Appearance Sunday, October 26th Why Not Jazz Room 14 Christopher Street West Village NYC Sets 7:30 & 10:30 pm read more

Rebel Tumbao Debut Concert at The Blue Note
27.08.2014 Timbalero José Claussell (long time member of the Eddie Palmieri Band) leads this dynamic 11 piece family of musicians that feature the soul awakening lead vocals of Toussaint "The Liberator" Yeshua, along with special guest, Salsa music's premier sonero, Herman Olivera. read more

The High Octane Live Album by Marbin available now on MoonJune Records
27.08.2014 Dear Friends in Music What does a band that has performed over 1000 shows during the course of the last four years do for an encore? – Recording a scorching, balls-to-the-wall, three-alarm live album seems like a natural progression! Without question, one of the hardest-working, most motivated and -driven independent bands in the world today, Marbin's The Third Set is a testimony to the work ethic, drive and determination which has become synonymous with their name, and the depth of musical diction, styles and textures these gentlemen have reached. read more

Frankie Dunlop Memorial
27.08.2014 World-renowned jazz drummer and percussionist Frankie Dunlop has passed away at the age of 85. Having battled a prolonged illness for the past several decades, Dunlop leaves behind a legacy of musical greatness that has garnered the esteem of fellow musicians and jazz fans alike. After turning professional at the ripe young age of 16, Dunlop's career spanned close to half a century working with jazz giants including Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Sonny Rollins, Charles Mingus and Lionel Hampton, just to name a few. Dunlop most often subsisted in the role of sideman, but departs us with an indelible mark on jazz history. read more

Betsy Newman Named Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
27.08.2014 Berklee College of Music has named Betsy Newman vice president of Student Affairs and dean of students. She will provide strategic vision and direction for the entire Division of Student Affairs, which includes Student Activities, LiveWell Student Health and Wellness, read more

On His Latest Recording Uwe Gronau Says" My Piano Never Lies
27.08.2014 Despite all the problems in the world today, versatile German composer and keyboardist Uwe Gronau says, "I think humans are smart enough to create a good society for future generations, and one of the keys is the utilization of music." The theme of pondering the future helped inspire the music on Gronau's latest album, Thoughts of Tomorrow. Gronau strongly believes that art, and specifically music, is a tie that binds together every human from all countries and cultures. "There are special things in life that can only be described by music and art. read more

blues and rock news

Dylan to Release Next Bootleg Sessions - November
28.08.2014 Uncut reports: "Bob Dylan will release The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11 on November 3. The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11 is a six disc set which will feature 138 songs, while a special two disc edition - The Basement Tapes Raw: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11 - features 38 songs. The Basement Tapes Raw: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11 will also be released on as 3 album set on 180-gram vinyl." read more

John Fairhurst set to debut new trio with upcoming singles and LP
23.08.2014 Bristol based, the John Fairhurst Band are a newly formed trio fronted by their eponymous songwriter. Drawing from Rock, blues and world music, with a penchant for slide guitar and a distinctive deep growling voice, his songs, delivered in pure raconteur style, narrate all the hardships of life on the road read more

A mix of Chicago and delta style blues played live
19.08.2014 Richy Kicklighter's Living Room Jams is volume one in a series of live recordings meant to capture the art and magic of live playing. When the musical picture is getting painted and improvisation is moment to moment, there is a purity. read more

Maxx Gallo built home for Okinawan Blues
18.08.2014 Maxx Gallo is a professional drummer and the force behind his name-sake live house. If it's the weekend on Okinawa and you are looking for live music, you may be hard pressed to find something good going on. It's a rare occasion that stellar bands and musicians come to Okinawa to perform read more

world music news

Ciro Hurtado Makes Modern Latin Music With Many Influences
27.08.2014 Deep in the Peruvian rainforest there grows a hallucinogenic vine ("ayahuasca") that has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous natives to make a medicinal potion for rituals to rid the user of "mal de ojo" or melancholia, or to bring spiritual wisdom and insights. Latin guitarist Ciro Hurtado took this magical journey 30 years ago resulting in a professional music career and, eventually, his new album, Ayahuasca Dreams. read more

Folkways Presents Venezuelan Folk Legends Serenata Guayanesa
24.08.2014 Serenata Guayanesa is a musical ensemble, but much more it is a living treasure of Venezuela's musical and cultural heritage. Founded in 1971 in Guayana, the southeastern region along the Orinoco River, by four college students who liked to serenade family and friends, the group swiftly rose to national acclaim through its pioneering interpretations of music in many different styles of folk music from across Venezuela. read more

The Silk Road Ensemble With Yo-Yo Ma's Europe Concert Tour
24.08.2014 From September 3 through September 11, 2014, the critically acclaimed Silk Road Ensemble will travel to Europe for a concert tour with renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma, bringing their unique border-crossing musical experience to audiences in Izmir and Istanbul, Turkey; Paris; Amsterdam; and Luxembourg. This tour marks the first performances by the group in Turkey and Luxembourg. A full tour schedule with information for individual concerts is available on the Silkroad website. read more

One-man Modern Folk Band Brings His Music Stateside, Jan 2015
16.08.2014 Jeremy Loops - a South African born modern folk artist - will bring his music stateside with a U.S. tour this fall and the January 2015 U.S. release of his debut album 'Trading Change.' With the help of his signature looper pedal, which allows him to layer multiple instruments and melodies in real time as he performs, Jeremy becomes a "one man folk band, " blending urban inspired rhythms with lilting folk. read more

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Last News! jazz, blues, world music

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