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Larry Wilson - No Secrets - No Lies
23.07.2016 Larry Wilson is a native of Cleveland, Ohio but was raised Jacksonville, Florida. He began his love affair with music at the tender age of 3-playing the drums in church. He began his formal education in music at Landon Middle School for the Performing Arts, later Lavilla Middle School of the Arts. He attended high school at the prestigious Douglas Anderson School For the Performing Arts and went on to attend the Florida State School of Music and majored in Jazz Studies. read more

Virtuoso Violinist Scott Tixier Releases Sophomore Album 'Cosmic Adventure' 9/9
23.07.2016 "Listening to Scott's playing makes me very happy because the future of modern jazz violin is in very good hands. He displays a musical maturity in this album which is surprising considering his young age, drawing inspiration from deep inside and not rehashing what others have played before him, which makes his style original. He is surrounded by great players, all top musicians who help make this album a strong musical statement." Jean Luc Ponty read more

Vocalist Barbara Dane to Release “Throw It Away …”
23.07.2016 Barbara Dane's extraordinary life has been distinguished by decades' worth of collaborations with major artists in jazz, blues, folk, and world music as well as by uncompromising public stands for social justice and civil rights. At 89, the indomitable Oakland-based singer is still active, still performing, and, on her new CD "Throw It Away…, " in inspired form. read more

New Mikroton Digital releases — July 2016
22.07.2016 Ilia Belorukov & Kurt Liedwart Sufka Ilia Belorukov and Kurt Liedwart work together since 2009, they used to combine exquisite and fragile saxophone playing with sinewaves, field recordings and quiet noises, sometimes Kurt Liedwart dropped his instruments, electronics and laptop, in favor of working with objects and space. "Sufka" is the last installment in the series of releases on Mikroton Digital. read more

Ayman Fanous and Frances-Marie Uitti at Le Poisson Rouge
22.07.2016 On July 25th at 7pm, Le Poisson Rouge presents Ayman Fanous, Guitars and Frances-Marie Uitti, Acoustic and Electric Cello. Ayman Fanous and Frances-Marie Uitti have been performing as a duo since 2011. Their music has been described as "extemporaneous music of rare beauty and intelligence" (Washington Post, 2011). read more

Elisabeth Lohninger & Walter Fischbacher Duo Zinc Bar + New CD
22.07.2016 For more than 20 years Elisabeth Lohninger and Walter Fischbacher have been making music together. Living in New York. Touring in Europe, Japan, the Middle East. A plethora of projects and albums lie between their first duo album, "Austrian LiedGood", and their latest release, also a duo CD with the title "Ballads in Blue". In between the two of them explored diverse musical avenues, wrote music for other projects, came into their own as artists. Now they step out again as a duo, a suitcase filled with a wide variety of musical influences and revelations in tow. read more

Hideo Yamaki and Bill Laswell Featured On Live Recording The Stone.
22.07.2016 Hideo Yamaki - Japan's most renown, respected and in demand drummer. Veteran of countless recording projects with the most celebrated pop / rock artists in the country and collaborations with Japanese icons, such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Toshinori Kondo, DJ Krush, Akira Sakata and many others. Heard here in duet with legendary bassist / producer, Bill Laswell. A bass and drum dialog that explodes with fluid, spontaneous blasts of telepathy. Industrial, noise, dub, melodic, chaotic, all detonated by a sonic / rhythmic construct. read more

blues and rock news

Kenny Neal’s Blues Roots Run Deep On His New Album
22.07.2016 Multi-talented New Orleans bluesman Kenny Neal, son of Louisiana legend Raful Neal, proudly presents a celebration of his family heritage with this stellar new studio album! A member of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame and a multi-award winning talent, Neal has never sounded better than he does here, offering some of the most moving songwriting and electric performances of his incredible career. read more

Roomful of Blues to perform in Londonderry
19.07.2016 Roomful of Blues, the jumping, swinging, rocking, award-winning band, will perform at the Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry on Saturday, August 13, 2016. Their latest CD, 45 LIVE, released in 2013, commemorates the band's 45th anniversary. The album is a lightning-in-a-bottle blowout, showcasing the larger-than-life vocal and instrumental power of the band. read more

Blues Legend Becomes UCW's 11th Honorary Degree Recipient
14.07.2016 If you were to think of University Canada West's (UCW) newest honorary degree recipient as a book, his true depth would likely escape you, unless you knew him as a book with many covers. Tom Lavin, UCW's 2016 honorary degree recipient, and the university's 11th to date, is primarily known as an accomplished musician and record producer who was a founding member of Canada's legendary Powder Blues Band in 1978. read more

Joe Bonamassa - A Salute To The British Blues Explosion
01.07.2016 Joe Bonamassa's love of the British Blues is at the heart of his musical inspiration; and, for the first time, is pleased to announce five special concerts paying homage to the British blues rock guitarists that inspired him – Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page - for UK fans in July 2016. This one-time only UK event will be billed as – Joe Bonamassa - A Salute To The British Blues Explosion. read more

world music news

Smithsonian Folkways To Release 'Serrano de Corazón'
23.07.2016 On August 26th, Smithsonian Folkways will release the 45th installment of their 'Tradiciones' Latino music series, 'Serrano de Corazón' (Highlander at Heart), an album rooted in the Mexican musical tradition huapango arribeño as interpreted by Guillermo Velázquez and his Leones de la Sierra de Xichú. Featuring nine tracks lasting a total of 76 minutes, the collection embodies tradition, as well as the energy of annual topadas festivities - exciting, all-night duels between musicians in a New Year celebration. read more

Gil Hockman's Indiegogo Campaign
18.07.2016 Hello Everybody, Gil Hockman is a musician from Johannesburg, South Africa. We worked with him on his amazing album Dolorous and he is now preparing a new album he would like to release by the end of the year. He is currently looking for help via an Indiegogo campaign : Gil Hockman is such a great independent artist and we are very happy to support him as much as we can. We also believe his new album is gonna be at least as amazing as the last one! read more

Lorens Chuno - West-african Jazz Fusion - August Release!
08.07.2016 Lorens Chuno New CD Release Date: August 8, 2016 "NAIJA RHYTHM AFFAIR, NYC" West-african Jazz Fusion! Gaining International Airplay and Reviews August 7th Interview on KUNV - Las Vegas read more

Gyuto Monks Of Tibet Featuring Kim Cunio & Heather Lee - Beyond Karma
06.07.2016 The musical album Beyond Karma is a rare mix of sacred sounds from different cultures. The Gyuto Monks of Tibet (the group that ushered in the West's appreciation and fascination with traditional chant through a series of best-selling albums starting in the late-1960s) are joined by Australia's finest sacred music duo, Kim Cunio and Heather Lee, on this recording of traditional and newly-composed music from Judaism, Christianity and Islam. read more

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