Gerald Cleaver, Brandon Lopez, Hprizm Releasing Their Celestial Debut Album 'In The Wilderness' - March 17, 2023 via Positive Elevation / 577 Records

In The Wilderness opens with textured drums, a muted bass, celestial sound, like stars breaking into puddles. Confident engineering and gentle instrumentation invite the audience to wander into the unknown. The project draws from an experimental performance by drummer Gerald Cleaver and bassist Brandon Lopez, at 577 Records' Forward Festival, which was later deconstructed and rebuilt by hip-hop producer Hprizm of the Antipop Consortium. All three musicians were involved in visioning the project's many stages, lending itself to an easy give-and-take between the artists, from its very improvisational beginning, with in-the-moment composed structures. This is Hprizm's second record (following Signs Remixed) on 577's sub-label, Positive Elevation, which is dedicated to electronic experimentation and avant soul. In The Wilderness will be available in March 2023 as an LP, CD and for digital download on March 17, 2023.


Hprizm - Electronics

Brandon Lopez - Bass

Gerald Cleaver - Drums


1. Mainsource A 5:02

2. T Top 2:08

3. Hopoff 2:05

4. Rama 3:14

5. Blowback 2:24

6. Hallucinate 3:14

7. Mainsource C 4:36

8. GLP3 3:39

9. GLP1 2:56

10. GLP 1:28

11. Ono 2:00

12. Mainsource C1 7:11

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