Band of Bones SUNDAY JANUARY 22nd 3:00 PM Christ & St. Stephen’s Church NYC

BAND of BONES has been presenting annual birthday celebrations for JJ Johnson since 2012. JJ is well-known as a ground-breaking trombonist - the first to embrace the bebop style. He had a dual career as a composer/arranger. At one point he stopped touring as a player and devoted 17 years to working in Hollywood as a composer for films, TV shows, and recordings. Our concert will feature his compositions (including his own arrangements), transcriptions from his recordings, our own treatments of his tunes, as well as arrangements he wrote for vocalist Sarah Vaughan (performed by our own Antoinette Montague.) Guest artist James Burton III adds special flair with his JJ-influenced solo style.

Dave Chamberlain - leader, trombone & flute Trombones
Kenny Ascher - piano David Gibson, Charley Gordon,
Yas Takeda - bass Mark Milller, Mark Patterson,
Andy Watson - drums Chris Rinaman & Michael Rorby
Chembo Corniel - congas Bass Trombones
Max Seigel & Dale Turk

SUNDAY JANUARY 22nd at 3:00 PM

Christ & St. Stephen's Church
120 West 69th St.
Between Broadway & Columbus

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