FYC Sergio Pereira ‘Finesse’ Best Latin Jazz/Jazz Album

Sergio Pereira 'Finesse'
Best Latin Jazz/Jazz Album
'Desfilando a Vitoria'
"Best Portuguese Language Song"

I am providing you for your consideration my latest album 'Finesse' which has already won 3 Global Music Awards for best Brazilian/Latin Jazz, Album and New Release.
'Finesse' (Sedajazz Records) has been recorded remotely, bringing a blend of Brazilian jazz delivered by some of the most brilliant musicians on this planet. This album is a triumphant over pandemic adversity and delivers a positive and uplifting message during these challenging times.

Mostly originals compositions, 'Finesse' was co-produced by drummer/producer Mauricio Zottarelli. It brings a blend of Brazilian rhythms such as Samba, Bossa, Xote and lots of jazz. Musicians includes Brazilian singer Filo Machado, harmonic ace Gabriel Grossi, bassist Mark Egan, Paulo Paulelli and Andre Vasconcellos, pianist Helio Alves, Vitor Goncalves and Matt King, vibe player Christos Rafalides, saxophonist Ralph Moore, David Mann and Rodrigo Ursaia, trumpeter Rubinho Antunes, to name a few…..

Hear 'Finesse':
Hear 'Desfilando a Vitoria':
Video for 'Desfilando a Vitoria':

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