Dimanche, the new single from Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita, releasing Friday 6th May 2022

bendigedig is delighted to announce the release of 'Dimanche', the new digital single from Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita's forthcoming album ECHO. Dimanche, (Sunday in French) releases on all major platforms on Friday 6th May.

The song isn't just about Sunday, but rather any day a person might choose as their weekly pit-stop for the soul. Could just as well be Monday, Wednesday or Friday, as long as it's a day that's eagerly anticipated and brings a little island of time on which to appreciate your inner voice of happiness, of achievement. "You know, for me, as an artist, Sunday doesn't exist, " Seckou says, "but it can exist any other day."

Catrin and Seckou were in a hotel function room on the outskirts of Birmingham when they composed the song. It's based on a tune that Catrin had come up with on the piano in her studio in South Wales.

"In the throes of lockdown the rhythm of everyday life went completely out of sync', says Catrin." 'Normal' days lost their meaning, tunes and melodies started coming to the surface at all times of night and day. Ironically it became a productive time for me creatively and by the time we were able to play together the 'tune banks' were full of pent up music ready to be aired."

Seckou remembers waking up that morning thinking "I'm actually going to be writing today. Oh my God! After all this lockdown, all the travel restrictions all over the world. But I'm looking forward to going there and being creative." And yes, that day was a Sunday.

'Today I won't work, ' go the lyrics, which are sung in Wolof. 'Today, I feel like someone who will never work again in his life. So, I'll just make the best possible use of this day, which is special for me.'


Catrin Finch Harp

Seckou Keita Kora, vocals

Matthew Denton Violin

Alice Howell Violin

Annie Pullar Violin

Eoin Schmidt-Martin Viola

Lucy Morgan Viola

Emma Denton Cello

Claire Whitson Double Bass

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