Lorens Chuno "Rhythm Sustained" - Nigerian Musician release date September 21

Audiences have praised Lorens Chuno's performance as energy-filled, captivating and elegant. The New York-based Nigerian musician has created a unique sound that has a broad appeal. His warm and dynamic vocal styling is the perfect vehicle for his catchy and bold modern jazz compositions that are always complete with soul and West African influences.

Lorens Chuno has played several distinguished venues and festivals across the country, and has opened for international acts including the CHICAGO AFROBEAT PROJECT, the SIERRA LEONE REFUGEE ALL STARS, and ANGELIQUE KIDJO. He has also worked with some legendary musicians including drummers POOGIE BELL and ROGER HUMPHRIES, and pianists GERI ALLEN and MARC CARY.

Lorens Chuno's new studio album, "Rhythm Sustained", is due for release September 21, 2018. The singer, composer and pianist describes the album as a collection of music and lyrics that address contemporary issues from the perspective of a new generation African.

In addition to performing and composing, Lorens Chuno maintains a steady voice in the ongoing jazz discourse. He hosts the podcast and online radio show, Doing Jazz with Lorens Chuno, on which he presents captivating conversations with enterprising jazz musicians. Doing Jazz has become one of the major avenues where independent jazz musicians introduce their work.

Lorens Chuno is also a well-trained mathematician, and currently an assistant professor of mathematics at Manhattan College.


"Chuno's forté is his remarkable vocal qualities, enhanced by his ability to
establish and maintain a sense of groove."
-James Nadal, All About Jazz

"...great, ear opening stuff that offers the armchair traveler a first class
ticket to destinations unknown."
-Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"... a unique sound that can be broadly classified as West-African Jazz
fusion. His warm and dynamic vocal style, along with his bold
compositions, helps define this sound."
-All About Jazz

"... infectious jazz melodies, strong rhythms, and a rejuvenating energy that

"...carefully bred jazz project with a generous dose of African touch."
-Onos, Bella Naija

"relentlessly unique and creative, constantly pushing the boundaries of
genre to give the listener a memorable experience ..."

Artist: Lorens Chuno
Album: Rhythm Sustained
Category: Jazz
Release Date: September 21, 2018

Track Listing
1. Nuru Onum
2. What's Going On
3. Awake
4. Mr. Sabi
5. Changing
6. Wait
7. Rhythm & Life
8. Come My Way
9. 1 Train
10. Do Not Call
11. Nwayo
12. Today

All compositions and lyrics by Lorens Chuno, except track 2.
"What's Going On" is written by Al Cleveland, Renaldo Benson and Marvin

Full Musicians:
Lorens Chuno - Vocal, Piano (tracks 1, 6, 7), Percussions, Background Vocal
John Gray - Bass
Michael Vitali - Drums
Michael Eaton - Saxophone
Albino Mbie - Guitar (except track 2) -
Takafumi Suenaga - Piano and Keyboard (except tracks 1, 6, 7)
Wayne Tucker - Trumpet (track 2)
Tom Larsen - Guitar (track 2)
Schadrack Pierre - Background Vocal

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