Jazz In Europe Launches Print Magazine

In an increasingly digital-first world, European jazz platform Jazz In Europe have announced they are making their print début with the brand new Jazz In Europe print magazine.

The first edition (Summer 2018) features articles and interviews with some of the jazz worlds hottest artists including amongst others pianist Christian Sands, Grammy winning drummer Terri Lyne Carrington, The Zurich Jazz Orchestra, Reggie Washington, Ola Onabulé and an extensive feature on London's premier jazz photographer, Carl Hyde.

Jazz In Europe was founded in 2013 by American ex-pat Johan van Deeg. Johan believed that there was a need for a jazz platform that focused on the entire European jazz scene in the English language. After his passing in 2016 the platform was continued by Nigel J. Farmer who is currently the Chief Editor. Over the last few years the platform has experienced substantial growth and currently seen as one of the leading jazz portals in Europe achieving over 205k page views each month.

"With our website currently experiencing substantial growth we believe that the addition of a print magazine is the logical next step in expanding our reach and will be a tangible addition to what we provide on the website."stated Farmer in a recent article.

He went on to say "It's an interesting time to launch a new print magazine. Many industry pundits are saying print is dead. However, in our opinion this statement requires some qualification. There's no doubt that in some markets, traditional print via the news stand and subscription is struggling, on the other hand many niche publishers are doing very well."

"In the magazine you'll notice that we've approached the material from a slightly different angle. Magazines are a great way to go deeper on certain stories and trends. They're also a wonderful tangible expression of a brand, presenting what the platform values in a thoughtful way. While we do publish in-depth content on the website, it's nature is more "of the moment". The magazine will provide content that we believe does not have an expiry date and this sets us apart from otherpublications. In the Jazz In Europe magazine you won't find tour announcements, CD reviews or gig features, this content we believe fits better on the website. Our idea was to produce a "Coffee Table" publication that you can keep coming back to."

"The magazine is focused on the artists that create the music we love and allows us to go deeper than we can on the website. The visual aspect is also important; we believe that presenting high quality images with clean design and in high quality print will be something our readers will enjoy. In affect, we see print as another opportunity to reach our audience with a product they'll find valuable."

In producing the magazine Jazz In Europe have chosen for a 21st century publishing solution "Print On Demand". This publishing method has many advantages over the traditional print model and provides benefits not only for the publisher but also for the reader. Print on Demand allows the customer to order online and have the magazine produced on demand at a printer local to the customers shipping address, thereby avoiding excessive shipping costs. Our Print on Demand partner has a hand-picked global network of quality printers that best ensures your order is of the highest quality print and the lowest shipping and handling costs.

Jazz in Europe is a European focused platform with a global readership, in fact close to 40% of their readership lives outside of the European continent. "With the Print On Demand model, our magazine is available to all our readers at a fair price no matter your location. A further benefit is environmental, Print on Demand means NO wastage and with the magazine being printed close to the customer reduces our delivery footprint." Says Farmer.

Jazz In Europe's publisher, Andrew Read said "When we looked at the magazine we decided to take the lead from the music industry. The music industry has already dealt with many of the issues that the publishing industry is now dealing with. We recognise that our readers wish to consume content in different ways, just like the music business, you have those that wish to stream it, some prefer digital downloads while others want to have a physical copy. We've applied the same approach for our magazine."

For those that want to read it online you can read the full magazine free on If you want to have a physical printed copy you can order online and it will be delivered to your door and for those looking for a download in the near future we will also be introducing an app based version for iOS and Android with full interactivity including streaming audio and video in the coming months. Our digital magazine will be available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play."

Jazz In Europe is not content with sitting still. In September Jazz In Europe will launch a new internet Jazz Radio platform under the name Jazz Republic Radio and are currently working on up-grades to the website to leverage video and provide users with a greater experience.

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