Vijay Iyer Mutations Album and European premiere

On February 28 in Europe and March 4 in the US, ECM will issue "Mutations" by Vijay Iyer, a recording made at New York's Avatar Studio last year, with Manfred Eicher as producer. Mutations is Vijay Iyer's first album as a leader for ECM, and a recording likely to widen perceptions of the pianist-composer's work. At its centre is "Mutations I-X", a composition scored for string quartet, piano, and electronics. Built out of cells and fragments, it veers through many atmospheres, from moment to moment propulsive, enveloping, lyrical, luminescent, and strangely beautiful.

Through thematic interactivity, the interweaving of acoustic and electronic sound-textures, and some decisive improvisational interventions in notated music, Vijay Iyer has created a multi-faceted suite whose very subject is change. He appears in the work as an interpreter of notated elements, as an improviser, and as "a sort of laptop artist, mixing in noise and different sounds, " encouraging the transformative processes.

On March 29, Vijay Iyer and string quartet will give the European concert premiere of "Mutations" at Munich's Haus der Kunst, in a concert co-promoted by ECM and the art museum. This is the sole European date by this formation in this period.

The concert line-up features Vijay Iyer (piano, electronics), Miranda Cuckson (violin), Michi Wiancko (violin), Kyle Armbrust (viola) and Jeffrey Zeigler (cello).

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