Lenny Sendersky-Tony Romano Group February 2014 CD Release Tour Dates, Russia

Lenny Sendersky-Tony Romano Group Featuring Lenny Sendersky-Sax, Tony Romano-Guitar, Cleve Douglas –Vocals, Sergey Vasiliev-bass, Alexandr Zinger-drums - Russian Tour Dates, February 2014:
13.02 Durov club (Moscow)
15.02 Ekaterinburg Philharmonic Hall (Ekaterinberg)
17:02 Master Class
Tchaikovsky College (Ekaterinberg)
18.02 Stariy Royal Club (Kazan)
19.02 Smolensk Philharmonic hall (Smolensk)
20.02 Gorka club (Yaroslavl)
22.02 Igor Butman Club (Moscow)
23.02 JFC Jazz Club (St. Petersburg)
24.02 Master Class – JM School (St. Petersburg)

Lenny Sendersky And Tony Romano
"Desert Flower"

(LeTo Records)
Street Date: February 4, 2014

Lenny Sendersky-Alto and Soprano Saxophone
Tony Romano-Guitar
Randy Brecker-Trumpet
Joe Locke-Vibes
Cleve Douglass-Vocals
Steve LaSpina-Bass
Matt Kane-Drums

Artist: Lenny Sendersky and Tony Romano

Title: Desert Flower

Label: LeTo Records

Catalog Number: Self Produced

UPC Code: 8 84501 98376 1

Release Date: 2/4/2014

Track listing, track times and composer:

1. Chet (feat. Joe Locke) 5:46 (T. Romano)

2. Sitting Under the Tree 6:38 (L. Sendersky)

3. Desert Flower 3:23 (L. Sendersky)

4. Horizons (feat. Randy Brecker) 6:40 (T. Romano)

5. Promise (feat. Joe Locke) 5:58 (T. Romano)

6. My Father's Island (feat. Cleve Douglass) 4:21(D. Ellington)

7. Sophie (feat. Randy Brecker) 8:08 (L. Sendersky)

8. Fruit Tea (feat. Joe Locke) 4:28 (L. Sendersky)

9. Nature Boy (feat. Cleve Douglass) 5:07 (Eden Ahbez)

10. Tango 2:54 (T. Romano)

Recording Dates: May 13 & 14, 2013

Artists Home Market: New York City

Musicians: Lenny Sendersky-Alto and Soprano Saxophone, Tony Romano-Guitar, Randy Brecker-Trumpet, Joe Locke-Vibes, Cleve Douglass-Vocals, Steve LaSpina-Bass, Matt Kane-Drums

Desert Flower is a culmination of the sound that Lenny and Tony have been working on over the last few years. After meeting and playing together at a jam session at the Christiania Jazz Club In Copenhagen, Denmark in June of 2010, they partnered up and began touring together in Russia. This recording documents some of the original music they have played in the last 2 years, as well as some new music written specifically for this recording.

Lenny Sendersky is from St.Petersburg, Russia. There he completed his formal musical training, college education and gained his experience as a visionary, performer and producer. In order to launch his international career, Lenny chose to invest a couple years into living, working and developing his craft in Denmark. In 2011, Sendersky immigrated to Israel, gradually and confidently established himself in the jazz scene of his new home by performing and successfully producing projects featuring Israeli, American and European jazz artists.

"There's a strong sense of liberation that fuels Sendersky's alto/soprano sax playing on the record; it glimmers with life and personality, free from any creative restraints". —All About Jazz

Guitarist Tony Romano has been a vital part of the New York City music scene for over twenty years, and has had the privilege of touring, performing and recording with the world's finest musicians. Tony is adjunct faculty at Five Towns College, and a Teaching Artist for the Kupferberg Center at Queens College.

"His tone is beautiful and soulful, and his remarkable technique is a servant to his rich musical imagination and broad harmonic palette."

— Just Jazz Guitar Magazine

What The Press Is Saying About "Desert Flower"

"This date just falls right into the easy going, mainstream pocket and never wears out it's welcome. Simply one of those snappy records that just catches you by surprise and makes sure you have a good time. Well done". Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Because Tony Romano is an unusually sensitive and responsive accompanist, his strong profile as a soloist (on both acoustic and electric guitars) and a composer of sophisticated yet accessible tunes doesn't consistently get the appreciation it deserves. This disc surely will correct that situation, as well as remind jazz fans of alto/soprano sax master Lenny Sendersky's flexible lyricism as an improvisor, and his gift for penning deceptively simple yet edgier-than-they-appear tunes. Both musicians are abetted by Steve LaSpina's seasoned support (those deliciously rubbery Ron Carter-like long notes!) and drummer Matt Kane's busy yet totally unobtrusive polyrhythmic aplomb. Vibraphonist Joe Locke's colorful, discreet constributions blend well on three tracks, while Randy Brecker's familiar trumpet work (on Horizons and Sophie) has lost nothing in melodic focus and tonal warmth over the years. Cleve Douglass' timbre, timing and willingness to take chances has considerably evolved over the two decades since we recorded Duke Ellington Boulevard together, and his two guest tracks (My Father's Island and Nature Boy) whet the appetite for a long belated new solo disc from this beautiful, undervalued singer. While the engineering is overly close and spotlit for my taste (I'd prefer more group blend and room tone, given the musicians' chamber-like interplay), the variety in programming and mood add up to a rewarding listening experience. Highly recommended. - Jed Distler, writer for Gramophone

"Sendersky, whether he is playing alto or soprano, has a sweet tone, but he can growl with the best of them when necessary. Romano is a guitarist with imagination and the chops to go with it" – Jack Goodstein

CD Review:

By Leonid Auskern

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