3D Ritmo de Vida's New CD

3D Ritmo de Vida launches its second complete Caribe/Tropical CD titled Que Siga La Rumba. The album features Michael Tate and Chris Amelar with some outstanding invited guests, Herman Olivera, Ricky Gonzalez, Willie Torres, and Jerry Lopez.

QUE SIGA LA RUMBA is a vibrant production of 13 songs with a refreshing
and original sound, presenting Salsa, Socarengue Reggae, Ballads and Frocuno.

Drummer Michael Tate and guitarist Chris Amelar, the founding members of 3D, are not Latinos, and this fact makes the end result much more significant. The melodies created by Michael and Chris are fluid, dynamic and contain a distinctive and progressive personality, influenced by Salsa, R&B, Reggae, Soca, Gospel and other Caribbean rhythms".

"Son Montuno Pa' Dos", is being released as the first single, a Contemporary Dance track with a taste of tradition and the flavor of 'Oye Como Va'. Herman Olivera delivers a classic performance and soneos that are fluid and filled with 'Sabor'.

This is 3D's fourth album; featuring the sounds of Salsa, Soca, Dance Hall, Reggae, Latin Pop, Frocuno and Gospel. The band members have worked as musicians with artists such as Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Jennifer Lopez, Harry Belafonte, Chaka Khan, Cab Calloway, and many more, as well as recorded productions with Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Sony Records. 3D Ritmo de Vida, has appeared at the world famous BLUE NOTE in NYC and The JVC Jazz Festival. This Group performs LIVE in all shapes and sizes!

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