RMD Entertainment Group Has Hollywood Execs

RMD Entertainment Group announced today that their entertainment division has broken new ground in the entertainment industry by lending both financial and marketing direction to a film project Hollywood insiders are already talking about.

Currently in postproduction, "A Parking Space" is the first offering from writer/director Kevin Hill who has made a bold and exciting choice by making this film silent. This very decision has driven the buzz around this project to the next level. When RMD CEO Giorgio Costonis first learned about the silent nature of the film, he quickly connected with Mr. Hill and offered to make this project truly exceptional by fueling it with the perfect soundtrack.

RMD CEO Giorgio Costonis had this to say, "As RMD continues to make an impact across the board in the entertainment community, it was only a matter of time before any of our unique and unforgettable artists found their way to the 'big screen' via soundtrack or camera. When I learned about Kevin's silent format, I realized instantly that we could add a lyrical element to his film that complements his visual albeit -- silent -- storytelling perfectly. We are creating a project that will be a powerful force on the festival circuit and already has people talking."

RMD Entertainment is a cutting-edge entertainment company with a primary focus on selling Hip-Hop music internationally. Additionally, the company markets other Hip-Hop lifestyle products to its music audience. RMD has a vast worldwide distribution network that allows its music to be sold to the end consumer in compact disc formats, digital downloads, and personal ring tones for mobile customers. RMD's Hip-Hop catalogue is exclusively distributed by Bungalo Records in North America, which is exclusively distributed by Universal Music Group -- while European distribution is handled entirely by the Pickwick Group of London England. RMD's dance music catalogue is exclusively distributed by Inversus Records of Miami, FL.

Truly a global company with well over 60 years combined experience in the music industry, RMD has had nothing but success on the international level and its staff producers have collaborated with some of the most influential names in the music scene today, such as Sting, David Byrne of the Talking Heads, George Kranz, Freedom Williams of C & C Music Factory, Steve Winwood, Robin Scott, and jazz saxophone legend Bill Evans, among others.

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