Sydney bands can help the disadvantaged

It is largely accepted in the charitable organizations that musicians and entertainers can be a powerful force utilizing their profiles to raise awareness about the plight of disadvantaged persons in 3rd world and undeveloped countries.

There are many other people and organizations that do a lot toward helping disadvantaged peoples, unlike high profile entertainers they are often overlooked as far as publicity for their causes are concerned. Most of their gains to help the disadvantaged are brought about simply by sheer determination and effort.

The purpose of this press release is to introduce an organization called Australian Doctors International Incorporated (ADI) an Australian non-government organization based in Manly, Sydney, Australia.

Founded by former State member of parliament and general practitioner, Dr Peter Macdonald, it was established to provide health and medical services to people in an area of clearly defined need in nations in the Asia-Pacific region. ADI has no political or religious affiliations. ADI works closely with local communities to set up medical facilities, organizes transport and other logistical medical issues and to dispense health services.

ADI has so far deployed eight doctors to look after a patient population of around 32, 000 people. In the Fly River area a Western province of Papua New Guinea. This has been achieved by working closely with the Western Province Department of health and the Monfort Catholic Mission (MCM) in Kiunga, which has been providing a health service without medical support for 35 years.

Viva the band recently had the privilege to perform for at one of ADIís fund raising functions. The members of band first met Peter Macdonald at the Manly Jazz Festival in 2004 and since that time Peter has been a supporter of the band and has provided other venues for the band to perform at. Viva the band is not a high profile band, however, we can use whatever resources we can to help the organization, in this case we are spreading the word about a very worthy cause.

If you like the idea of helping out an organization such as this, check out their web site at

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