Christmas CD by Tommy Turkey

Lynn Julian was commissioned by the "Trouble With Turkey" coalition to compose the theme song for their latest campaign. Their spokesperson, Tommy, a ten year old turkey, is trying to educate humans about alternatives to their typical holiday feast, which is HIM. The focal point of the awareness campaign is HAM: itís juicier for roasting, turkeyís dry. Tommy hopes Julian's theme song, "Ham For The Holidays, " will help folks remember this fact.

Dr. Demento loves the tune so much he brought international attention to the song when he played it on his Nationally syndicated radio show. This is a tremendous honor, as Julians' indie song was played between big label artists Adam Sandler and Arlo Guthrie. Julian feels SO strongly about her conviction that she's made their theme song track #1 on her new Holiday, Novelty CD, "Ham for the Holidays." Please give this song, and international issue oppressing all turkeys, the attention that it deserves by listening and sharing it with friends and family this holiday season. Itís a catchy little number we just know youíre going to love.

Tommy invites everyone to read his hilarious true story depicting one turkey's battle with the pig in the next pen. If you love to laugh, don't deny yourself this tale.

Julian focuses the rest of her energy on her Girl Power Pop Concept CD, "Cookie Cutter Girl." The songs all tell a true story about a victimized girl, Julian, who becomes a Girl Power Pop Superhero, Cookie Cutter Girl. The Girl Power Icon then strives to help women everywhere 'break the mold' in which society holds them captive and find their inner strength or "Girl Power." This CD, as well as "Ham for the Holidays, " is self-produced through Julians' record label, Cookie Cutter Records and published by her company, Cookie Cutter Publishing. Julian just finished CO-writing the accompanying comic book story of her adventures with Justine Fontes, the "Queen of Licensed Children's Books" (Disney, Dreamworks). She produced, arranged, wrote and performed all songs on the album, and was aided, in performance, by some of the top musicians in the state.

Lynn Julian a.k.a. Cookie Cutter Girl is an award winning pop/rock singer/songwriter whose works can be heard on over 500 TV & Radio Stations. Hire her today for music to motivate you! As a multiple song contest winner with a degree in Jazz & Contemporary Music, she has released her own CDs and written for other performers.

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