Zofia Komeda presents "Genius Of Krzysztof Komeda"

Krzysztof Komeda-Trzcinski (1931-1969), an extraordinary talented self-taught composer and pianist, became after his tragic, untimely death, a legend and a cult hero of Polish jazz. His role in Polish jazz cannot be explained in merely a few simple words. The genius, the composer, the visionary, the collaborator and the leader - all these words cannot fully describe his phenomena. His music reflects not the growing of jazz in our country in the '60-s, but echoes the big influences: Bill Evan's refinement, Eric Dolphy's free and even John Coltrane's abandon.

The genius of Komeda. This exclusive box-set from PowerBros Records presents the most comprehensive selection of Komeda's work including his most famous motion pictures scores. All tracks were personally selected by Komeda's wife - Zofia.

There are 13 CDs in this series: 1) "Ballet Etudes Breakfast at Tiffany's" + CD-ROM 2) "Memory of Bach" + CD-ROM 3 ) "Nightime, Daytime Requiem" + CD-ROM 4) "Moja Ballada" + CD-ROM 5) "Astigmatic" + CD-ROM 6) "Crazy Girl" + CD-ROM 7) "Sophia's Tune" + CD-ROM 8) "Roman Two" + CD-ROM 9) "What's up Mr.Basie" + CD-ROM 10) "Astigmatic in concert" + CD-ROM 11) "Ballads" 12) "Soundtracks from Roman Polanski movies" (Knife in the Water, Two Men and a Wardrobe, When Angels Fall) + CD-ROM 13) "Soundtracks from Roman Polanski movies" (Rosemary's Baby, Fearless Vampires Killers).

CD-ROM selections consist of interviews with Zofia Komeda (in Polish language with English subtitles).

More than three decades after his tragically early death at the age of 38, Komeda's music is still alive, inspiring new artists and conquering new hordes of listeners, The genius of Komeda escapes simple classification and description. Perhaps the mystery of Komeda can be explained only by listening to his music.

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