Bassist S.Clarke releases new CD for 2005 "Da Bass Is Loaded"

Hop-N-Bop Records will release “Da Bass Is Loaded”, a new recording from the internationally renowned bassist, composer and educator Steve Clarke on January 7, 2005.

Da CD is his 5th release and has been well received in Europe, where it was released in Oct 2004. It’s natural blend of funky grooves, smooth melodies, odd meters and jazz improvisation is the perfect combination to show da bass can be melodic, harmonic and rhythmic.
Da title track is a solo bass piece that says all of the above. “Old School Jam” & “Spit-N-Fire” display the bass in da slap style of playing, laying down da groove but, also on top with distortion added and playing a very melodic solo. “A Walk In The Rain” & “Riff Raft Dance” have da bass on top with a fretless bass sound, a bebop jazz guitar solo by Dave Danna and a funky-melodic organ solo by Chris Coogan on da tunes respectively. Also featured is drummer Chris Stanley turning the beats every which way possible and still grooving like crazy. What a drum solo ! On “Keep It Steady” Clarke takes the gloves off and gives his listeners an inspired funkified performance as he adds the wha-wha to da bass. “Look To A Star”, another solo bass piece, is a truly transcendent experience. Guitarist Tim Mallory adds da funky spirit throughout the CD as well as his sweet and melodic solo on “Da Joy of Joy”.

Da album as a whole, is an inspired documentation of Clarke’s experimentation with form, electronics and one that supports his exciting musical personality. He continues to expand his musical visions and ability to tell a musical story with da bass as a melodic instrument. Born and raised in Bridgeport CT, a graduate of Housatonic Community College, Clarke has worked with many critically acclaimed musicians including the two- time Grammy nominated jazz flautist Sherry Winston, R&B innovators The Coasters, The Drifters, Mary Wells, Sam & Dave, and Ben E. King. He has recorded 8 CD's & tours Europe with trumpeter Laco Deczi’s Celula NY Band and has just performed and recorded in Romania with guitarist George Baicea.

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