Dataram Doubles Cache Capacity of XcelaSAN

Dataram announces that its SAN caching appliance, the Dataram XcelaSAN, is now available with double the cache memory per high-availability appliance. Customers can now accelerate more applications and drive higher productivity in their midrange Fibre Channel SAN environments.

XcelaSAN is the only midrange SAN acceleration appliance that delivers up to 30 times I/O performance and accelerates both reads and writes with a high-availability architecture. Unlike most solid state storage solutions, XcelaSAN dynamically caches high I/O activity application data when it is needed, to support multiple applications many times larger than the cache itself.

The XcelaSAN can be deployed in a mirrored pair with high-availability to dynamically improve application performance with no changes to application or system processes. Customers experience significantly improved productivity and reduced processing time with more efficient resource utilization and a substantial reduction in the total cost of computing.

The XcelaSAN Model 100 with 256GB of cache memory can be ordered today for delivery in mid-May.

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