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Dataram Doubles Cache Capacity of XcelaSAN
21.04.2011 Dataram announces that its SAN caching appliance, the Dataram XcelaSAN, is now available with double the cache memory per high-availability appliance. Customers can now accelerate more applications and drive higher productivity in their midrange Fibre Channel SAN environments. read more

Avere Announced New FXT Series Scale-out NAS Appliances
21.04.2011 Avere Systems has announced two new FXT Series scale-out NAS appliances. The FXT 2550 and 2750 models feature faster Intel Xeon quad-core processors, more capacity on the DRAM storage tier and enhanced connectivity with six 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports, in addition to dual 10GbE ports with copper or optical options. read more

Napatech Announces 40G Network Adapter
15.03.2011 Napatech has announced the world's first 40 Gbps Ethernet adapter for network monitoring and analysis. The NT40E2-1 intelligent network adapter provides a single QSFP-based 40 GbE port and can be used for both packet capture and transmission. read more

Acrosser's New Dual Core ATOM Based Networking Platform
15.03.2011 Acrosser has launched AR-N6000 and AR-R6000 networking platforms based on Intel ATOM single core and dual core D410/D510 processor. They feature a 1U rack mount or desktop chassis maximum 2GB memory, 4 x GbE LAN ports, LAN bypass, PCI expansion slot, 4 x USB ports, 2 x SATA port and console port. AR-N6000 is a desktop communication appliance (242x148x34mm), which can easily fit in the small office or home office use. AR-R6000 is a rack mount platform (440x340x44mm), which can be installed in the 19" rack. read more

Spectracom Intros its New Sync Tester/Analyzer
18.11.2010 Spectracom announced its new Sync Tester/Analyzer developed for Next Generation Networks (NGN) incorporating both traditional SDH/SONET core networks and IP-based backhaul networks. Where traditional synchronization testers on the market are dedicated to do tests in one type of network or the other, the new Pendulum STA-61 can do it all. Lightweight, with a handle and a size that fits as carry-on luggage on aircrafts, the Pendulum STA-61 is designed to be easily carried anywhere. read more

ACROSSER Intros the AR-N8601 Networking Platform
14.04.2010 ACROSSER Technology has added a new entry level networking platform to its Micro Box Networking appliances family. AR-N8601 adopts VIA CN700, VT8237R+ chipsets and Eden ULV 500MHz CPU enclosed in a tiny box (210x150x33mm). Based on this platform, it has low power consumption which meets global environmental friendly trend. The unit support up to 1GB DDR2 system memory at 400MHz, by leveraging the 3 PCI onboard 10/100 Fast Ethernet which is perfect for general small office UTM function. With a low speed system fan, the system has stable performance with minimal noise. read more

LANCOM Systems Unveils the WLC-4100
16.02.2010 Automated configuration and central management of up to 1,000 WLAN access points in a single device with the new WLAN controller LANCOM WLC-4100, LANCOM Systems adds a new device to its portfolio of enterprise-class products. read more


Miradore Announces Miradore 3.0
16.06.2011 Miradore has announced the integration of mobile phones in its remote workstation management solution. The new Miradore 3.0 provides IT management with a single dashboard view and remote access to a wider range of end user devices, including smartphones. read more

Avere Systems Adds GNS Functionality for its FXT Series
15.03.2011 Avere Systems has announced the introduction of global namespace (GNS) functionality across its entire FXT Scale-out NAS Appliance family in the newest release of the Avere operating system. read more

OS33 for MSPs Makes Public Debut
19.11.2010 OS33, a full-featured cloud-based IT delivery automation platform for MSPs, is market ready and publicly available, its developer announced. OS33 removes the barriers to implementing and delivering multi-tenant cloud IT services with its easy to deploy, easy to manage, fully hosted and automated platform. read more

Nanomatic Introduces Virtual Care Service
14.04.2010 Nanomatic, a company that provides mobile secure applications and location aware devices, is introducing its Virtual Care service, nanonavi-VC and a plug-in application for Call Center, nanonavi-CC at the ICT Expo 2010 (April 13-16). read more

New Benchmark Comparison of ITTIA DB SQL and SQLite
30.03.2010 ITTIA, a global supplier of embedded lightweight relational database software, demonstrates its database benchmark leadership to application developers of embedded systems and devices, with exceptional results. On an ARM device, ITTIA DB SQL surpasses SQLite, an open source database, in three critical areas: insert, select, and update. ITTIA's flagship product, ITTIA DB SQL, is a RDBMS that provides performance and reliability in embedded environments, from embedded Linux and Windows Mobile to desktop workstations. read more

gateProtect to Exhibit at CeBIT 2010
16.02.2010 As in previous years, the German-based network security specialist gateProtect is exhibiting at CeBIT. Show visitors in Hanover will be able to see a preview of gateProtect's new generation of Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewalls, version 8.6, from 2-6 March 2010 at CeBIT. read more


European Enterprises Will Spend $8.2 Billion on Cloud Professional Services in 2015
16.06.2011 New research from IDC shows that European enterprises are increasing their spending on consulting and migration to cloud very rapidly. IDC estimates that in 2015, $8.2 billion will be spent on cloud professional services, an increase from only $560 million in 2010. read more

Decision Lens Implements NetEx's HyperIP Virtual Appliance
21.04.2011 NetEx announces that Decision Lens has implemented the HyperIP virtual appliance to improve the performance of its SAN system's volume replication function to duplicate production system data to its cross-country disaster recovery site. read more

NEC to Supply Maldives' Domestic Submarine Cable System
21.04.2011 NEC Corporation has signed a contract with Dhiraagu, the largest telecom carrier in the Maldives, for a domestic optical submarine cable system connecting eight islands in the Maldives. NEC will provide a set of equipment and services including commissioning and integration on a full turnkey basis. read more

Dell and Moonwalk Sign Worldwide Supplier Agreement
21.04.2011 Moonwalk has signed a supplier agreement with Dell to provide its data management software to the Dell community. Moonwalk's enterprise software is certified for the Dell DX Object Storage Platform to intelligently access, store, protect, and distribute fixed digital content. read more

Digitel to distribute Albis Technologies Telecom Products
15.03.2011 Albis Technologies and Digitel SA Industria Eletronica have announced that Digitel will act as distributor of Albis Technologies telecommunication products within Latin America. read more

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