Dell and Moonwalk Sign Worldwide Supplier Agreement

Moonwalk has signed a supplier agreement with Dell to provide its data management software to the Dell community. Moonwalk's enterprise software is certified for the Dell DX Object Storage Platform to intelligently access, store, protect, and distribute fixed digital content. Additionally, customers can purchase Moonwalk directly from Dell.

The DX Object Storage Platform is designed to access, store and distribute billions of files or other digital content, as well as archiving to the cloud, using a simple, self-managing, expandable and peer-scaling architecture. The platform is designed to meet data management and governance requirements with automated policy based retention and deletion, and selectable write-once-read-many. Combined with Moonwalk's stateless and distributed processing model (that ensures scalability across the entire data management infrastructure of the enterprise) customers can now automatically migrate, copy and move data off of SAN and NAS storage and onto the DX6000. Their data can live out its life on the DX6000 at a low cost, with guaranteed integrity and minimal management for months, years or even decades.

The DX Object Storage Solution is built on a flexible, peer-scaling architecture using industry standards-based hardware and integrated software in one end to end solution. It is designed to automatically manage data from creation through to deletion with a goal of reducing management by 50 percent.

Moonwalk's enterprise data management software delivers metadata-level precision for all information on network storage, servers and clients. It proactively migrates, copies and moves data according to user-defined rules and policies based on criteria such as age, size, file type, file name, file creator and many more granular classification rules. Moonwalk operates across and between all major file systems, including Windows, NFS, Linux and Novell environments, and all primary and secondary storage environments. Its stateless architecture requires no additional overhead and is transparent to users and applications. Moonwalk has no introduced points of potential failure to ensure maximum performance and availability.

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