Avere Systems Adds GNS Functionality for its FXT Series

Avere Systems has announced the introduction of global namespace (GNS) functionality across its entire FXT Scale-out NAS Appliance family in the newest release of the Avere operating system. Avere GNS enables a single namespace view across all NAS storage servers throughout the enterprise, allowing the unification of islands of NAS from multiple vendors across multiple locations.

With Avere's GNS, storage administrators can easily create and manage logical groupings of file-based resources regardless of physical location, presenting clients running NFS or CIFS with simplified and transparent access to data with a single mount point. Moreover, when data is moved from one storage server to another within the network, client access is automatically rerouted with no disruption or downtime. GNS is available immediately as part of the 2.0 release of the Avere operating system.

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