OS33 for MSPs Makes Public Debut

OS33, a full-featured cloud-based IT delivery automation platform for MSPs, is market ready and publicly available, its developer announced. OS33 removes the barriers to implementing and delivering multi-tenant cloud IT services with its easy to deploy, easy to manage, fully hosted and automated platform.

The OS33 platform combines business value with top technology to provide turnkey cloud computing services for MSPs to sell full-featured hosted IT to their end customers. It enables providers to have access to unlimited supply of cloud-based infrastructure and turn it into business-ready web and Windows-based applications. From a single interface, MSPs can provision servers, deploy and package custom applications, select from a broad catalog of pre-integrated business software, and activate third-party SaaS offerings. The end result is the OS33 Webtop, a cloud-based desktop from which end-users can access their company provisioned applications, tools, file systems, intranet and more from a single integrated interface that can be accessed from almost any browser-capable device.

OS33's easy to use allows MSPs to provision and deliver hosted IT to thousands of end users, transforming raw computing resources from the OS33 cloud or the MSPs own private infrastructure into business-ready Web and Windows applications for their customers. MSPs can add new clients in five minutes or less and provision them with business applications from a catalog of hosted software and third-party SaaS offerings, along with integrated collaboration tools.

The OS33 platform consists of four critical components:
- Cloud Connector. MSPs can tap into unlimited supply of cloud resources via the OS33 Datacenter alliance, turn their existing infrastructure investments into a true multi-tenant platform optimized for cloud-based IT delivery, or create unlimited hybrid configurations.
- Cloud Control Panel. Harness true multi-tenant hosting platform management and provision and deploy servers, file storage, Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, databases, back-end applications, cloud SaaS offerings, security and access control, mobile support, and more. The OS33 Cloud Control Panel also delivers built in collaboration, utilization, reporting, service and billing functions.
- Application Delivery. Securely deliver any Windows or web-based applications to almost any device including smart phones and iPads.
- Webtop GUI. End users get a uniform web-based interface that is customizable, brand-able, and accessible anywhere, anytime. OS33 Webtop provides application access, personal information management, self-service administration tools, company intranet and more.

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