OpenSpan Announces EMEA Headquarters in London

OpenSpan opens its EMEA headquarters, based in London. This move follows OpenSpan's sixth consecutive quarter of record revenue growth and $13 million round of venture funding.

OpenSpan's technology can integrate virtually any applications, whether they have open or closed architectures. The technology can breathe life into legacy systems and extend and automate existing applications. In short OpenSpan's technology enables companies to get more mileage out of existing software without having to "rip and replace". In a climate where budgets are being cut, yet customer service and enhanced productivity is more important than ever before, the ability to maximise the benefits of existing systems is crucial. OpenSpan is primarily utilised wherever employees are required to interact with disjointed applications to perform repetitive manual tasks, including contact centers, retail branches and back office processing groups.

There is definitely room for improvement in UK call centres. Telecommunications, utilities, government and financial services companies in the UK receive complaints from anywhere between 14 23% of their customer bases and receive less than 5 marks out of ten both for how these complaints are handled and their outcomes. This is largely due to a lack of integration and communication between the many disparate call centre applications.

Until now, integration has been complex and expensive for most call centres, but OpenSpan customers have achieved this within weeks and paid for their investments within months. Over the past 18 months, OpenSpan licensed more than 70,000 OpenSpan Platform seats to 20 new customers for their contact centre or customer service organisations. OpenSpan expects to double the number of seats within the next 12 months.

The UK office, which is based in Borough High Street, SE1, has a team of 5 including sales, technical and marketing roles.

Steve Raby, VP EMEA, who will lead and establish the company's burgeoning EMEA presence, said "This is an exciting time for OpenSpan. We know there is a huge demand for better application integration in EMEA firms." By breathing life into legacy applications and integrating disparate CRM systems organisations can maximise the use of existing software and help achieve better visibility of their data.

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