Serversdirect Defies Credit Crunch and Boosts Sales, a one-stop shop for everything surrounding servers and backing up data for SMEs, has passed the first hurdle. Any start-up business always struggles to get past the first-year milestone - serversdirect has not only managed to achieve this and is now one of the biggest UK online retailer for servers.

Serversdirect is selling thousands of servers a month despite the economic downturn. The reason for their success is that they have a choice of servers, Dell, HP, IBM and - unlike buying direct from a supplier - serversdirect gives you a choice and have a package to suit all types of business and budgets. It also offers installation services and post-sales support to customers distinguishing it from its rivals.

Serversdirect is a part of the Easycom group and the latest of Nick Glynne's ventures that is seeing growth of sales each month and defying current trends in retail which have surpassed that of the early nineties.

Nick Glynne grew his business by focusing on selling to SMEs as well as individual customers and offering an excellent remote network service. He bought an IT retail business in Huddersfield for 3000 in 2000 and has since grown Easycom to 80million.

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