New Approach to Scale the Network and Be Fiber Broadband Ready

Despite the increasing popularity of fiber networks, most users are still using copper cables for broadband connection. Existing network devices that were purchased 5 years ago can be predominantly unprepared for fiber connection.

There are a lot of end users who are starting to run their first fiber broadband connection and are eager to find ways to utilize their current investment.

For telecom operators, they also wish to simplify the migration path to scale the network and achieve high quality service to end users.

Aspen Optics offers intelligent fiber expansion solution to help customers start and scale their network. Customers may not need to purchase expensive new switches or add new fiber cable to grow their optical network. There are actually other options to consider.

"We should never forget the real network situation of our customers. Even though the trend ahead is having fiber to replace copper for broadband connection to customer premise, the majority of heritage equipment our customers own was not designed for fiber connection by default. Aspen Optics helps telecom operators and enterprise customers to go through this transition seamlessly, adding new value to their existing stock of equipment to become fiber ready", explained Ronnie Ta, Senior Product Manager of Aspen Optics.

Recently joining the management team at Aspen Optics as Senior Product Manager, Ronnie Ta has gained comprehensive knowledge of the evolution of Ethernet networks throughout the past 20 years. "We need to give insights to customers on how to enable their heritage equipment for the adoption of next generation network technology, instead of just committing new investment. Improving the service quality as well as bottom-line is what our customers are expecting", Ronnie Ta pointed out the mission behind the product offers of Aspen Optics.

Geebic WS-G5485U/D-AO GBIC from Aspen Optics can help both telecom operators and end users to "Plug and Expand" fiber network. Carrier-class Geebic WS-G5485U/D-AO GBIC can instantly enable bi-directional transmission on older switch models without SFP ports from major manufacturers.

It turns a 1Gbit into 2Gbit circuit using four Aspen Optics bi-directional GBICs, doubling the fiber capacity to 2Gbit by using existing fiber. The usage lifetime of switches can therefore be greatly extended as well as the need to lay additional fiber cables. Geebic WS-G5485U/D-AO GBIC makes good use of GBIC ports that are more abundantly available on older switch models. Geebic Bi-directional transceivers help users to utilize the same optical fiber for both transmission and reception functions.

This allows the network to free up bandwidth for other applications, doubling the capacity compared with single direction connectivity per fiber strand. This can be equivalent to a 50% savings in purchase and installation of fiber cables for telecom operators.

To demystify fiber network connection, Aspen Optics is launching an industry first configuration tool to give instant recommendations on how to run optical network in a multi-vendor environment. The tool, known as "Aspen Optical Ethernet Configurator", is now available on and is open to public usage. Users only need to choose the switch models they wish to connect and the distance between. The configuration engine will automatically recommend the best options to connect based on customer input and the engines' extensive data mining capability.

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