The Dot Net Factory Microsoft Exchange Role Enforcer Now Available

The Dot Net Factory announces the release of EmpowerID Role Enforcer for Exchange which automates and simplifies the complex process of provisioning, managing and auditing Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, contacts, and public folders throughout their lifecycle. EmpowerID Role Enforcer for Exchange provides greater accuracy, security and reporting for creating mailboxes and managing Exchange than manual provisioning, while using less than one third of the staff.

Role Enforcer for Exchange is one of the optional Role Enforcer modules offered with EmpowerID. EmpowerID is a secure Identity and Access Management platform built on Windows Workflow Foundation featuring friendly self-service and delegated administration interfaces, centralized Role-Based Access Control, and visually designed workflow processes. Role Enforcer's single security model and set of user interfaces for controlling access, automating resource provisioning, and configurable approvals, permits easy management of a broad range of resource types like Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes, Groups, Users, and custom application roles, while meeting security and compliance requirements.

Role Enforcer for Exchange's innovative approach to secure provisioning includes inventorying and managing mailboxes as Role-Based Access Controlled (RBAC) user entitlements. Role Enforcer for Exchange also features: web-based delegation and self-service for all major aspects of mailbox management, including: permissions, quotas, email addresses and more; attribute flow and mailbox permissions enforcement; automatic role-based provisioning and de-provisioning of Exchange mailboxes as protected enterprise resources; wizard-driven workflows to make management easy for non-technical users; workflow-driven processes that provide audit trails and customizable approvals; multi-organization support for even the largest and most complex hosting environments; full support for managing Exchange Resource Forests; a single provisioning platform for audit and compliance needs; role-based access that maintains security boundaries between departments, business units, and users; and complete protection for any process with financial or security significance.

Role Enforcer for Exchange supports even the most complex Exchange Organizations including the Exchange Resource Forest model, which separates the Exchange Mailbox Infrastructure into a an Active Directory Forest that is distinct from the various user account forests. This complex scenario provides additional security benefits but requires complex directory provisioning and synchronization between forests. Role Enforcer for Exchange makes this possible by leveraging both Metadirectory and RBAC technology to manage mailbox user accounts as a unit and to keep them synchronized. One client has Role Enforcer for Exchange successfully managing an Exchange Resource Forest with over 100,000 mailbox identities, while providing exceptional responsiveness and performance for its users. Growth to over a million identities in more than 35 Account Forests are planned within a year for this installation.

EmpowerID has many firsts, including: the first Windows Workflow based Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform; the first commercial Windows Workflow Foundation application to offer state machine workflows; the first IAM platform to offer visually configured workflows and more.

The AD Self-Service Suite is the first password reset self-service solution to support both Microsoft's Active Directory and ADAM, The Dot Net Factory's AD Self-Service Suite has an existing installed user base of over three hundred companies internationally.

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