SKY Computers Launches TimeTrac

SKY Computers has announced TimeTrac, performance optimizing software for Linux multi-processing systems. TimeTrac, developed and used internally at SKY, is a dynamic software tool that assists software developers fine tune and debug real time multiprocessor and multi-core processor applications. Flexibly designed, it can be used on systems varying from a few to hundreds of processors. In addition to debugging, it is used to measure, and optimize application software throughout the development cycle, from initial algorithm development through modifications to system deployment.

Using TimeTrac, a software developer can quickly uncover the complex program issues that prevent project schedules from being met. TimeTrac allows the developer to instrument the application to easily collect performance data and displays the collected data for analysis. Using this data, the developer can view computation times and how they are clustered. By analyzing event relationships and eliminating race conditions, correct program operation can be verified. Also, problems that occur infrequently can be isolated in a fraction of the time that would normally be required to detect these hard-to-diagnose problems.

TimeTrac can be used on Linux systems to:
- Optimize code by determining where the application is spending its time;
- Identify speed improvement opportunities in algorithms;
- Isolate infrequently occurring problems;
- Synchronize communications and semaphores;
- Determines which processors are overloaded or underutilized.

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