NetQoS Launches New Managed Services Offering

As network traffic grows in volume and complexity so do the jobs of network engineers, who must maintain optimal network and application performance while faced with a constant and diverse set of challenges such as data center consolidation, virtualisation, WAN optimisation, and VoIP management. The new NetQoS Managed Services offering helps customers maintain high service levels and maximise ROI amid these challenges, especially as resources are stretched thin and specialised skill sets become essential to tackling the latest project.

Acting as an extension of the IT organisation, NetQoS Professional Services experts deliver NetQoS Managed Services using best practices and operational methodologies to provide customers with:
Techniques to fully utilise NetQoS products to optimise network and application performance;
Interpretation of network performance metrics and anomalies;
Customised reporting packages;
Application traffic analysis;
Ongoing feedback on the network;
Integration capabilities with Help Desk workflows;
Training and consulting.

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