Managed Objects Announces Managed Objects myCMDB

Managed Objects has announced Managed Objects myCMDB a new web-based application that heralds the next-generation in CMDB capability, usability and visualization. By integrating Web 2.0 and patent-pending structured social networking principles into the CMDB environment, myCMDB leads a new era of solutions focused upon humanizing IT. Through its personalized community-based architecture, myCMDB solves critical accuracy and accessibility issues that have compromised the success of many CMDB projects.

Today, data inaccuracy is one of the leading causes of project failure for companies implementing a CMDB. CMDBs and their associated federated data sources require regular and frequent maintenance to ensure that Configuration Item (CI) attribute and relationship data is accurate and up-to-date. IT and business users normally responsible for keeping the CMDB current aren't seeing sufficient benefit, or they're finding it too difficult to update complex CMDB attribute and relationship data, to take the time to do it on a consistent basis.

In addition, users are often faced with having to update multiple systems and repositories to ensure that CMDB data remains synchronized with associated federated data sources sources like change and release management systems for example.

Managed Objects myCMDB solves CMDB data accuracy and accessibility issues by introducing a new visualization paradigm that incorporates principles of social networking to formulate role-based "communities" where users can more easily and effectively view and interact with CMDB data and other CMDB users as well. Each CMDB community consists of logically related CMDB data grouped by function, role, class or geography. IT or business users subscribe to CMDB communities usually based on their specific business responsibility. Within each community, users can quickly and intuitively search and report on CMDB information leveraging ad hoc or bookmarked queries, as well as pre-defined reports that can be launched with a few mouse clicks. And best of all, myCMDB works with a number of CMDB systems including Managed Objects CMDB360.

In addition, myCMDB introduces a sophisticated new modeling environment, called myWorkspace, where users can analyze and manipulate CMDB data without affecting critical production configurations. Built-in governance lets users publish proposed CMDB changes while ensuring that actual CMDB updates are performed only by authorized personnel. When combined with its broad range of new pre-defined reports, myCMDB offers all users more capability and value from their CMDB investment.

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