Endace Collaborates with Voltaire

Endace announces a new collaborative agreement with Voltaire and a new product development. Endace is working with Voltaire to deliver passive monitoring capabilities for InfiniBand-based interconnect solutions in high performance computing (HPC) environments and data centres. Voltaire develops InfiniBand-based server and storage switching and software solutions that improve application performance and efficiency in data centres.

InfiniBand is an industry standard technology for the interconnection of HPC systems and enterprise applications. The combination of high bandwidths at 10 or 20 gigabits/second, low latency and scalability makes it the interconnect of choice to power many of the world's largest and fastest computer systems and enterprise data centres. Voltaire builds on this technology to deliver director-class (i.e. large scale) switches, routers, adapters and software. Together Endace and Voltaire can now deliver solutions that passively capture traffic on single data rate (10 gigabits/second) and double data rate (20 gigabits/second) links, measure packet delay and jitter and deliver total visibility across the complete network infrastructure, with zero impact on network performance.

Additionally, Endace has announced the availability of IEEE1588 support for their network monitoring product portfolio. IEEE1588 (known also as Precision Time Protocol, PTP) is an industry-standard protocol that enables precise synchronisation of clocks in measurement and control systems across local area networks. Endace is incorporating this standard to provide additional, highly accurate time-stamping and synchronisation capabilities for their latency measurement and network monitoring solutions.

The IEEE1588 protocol was designed to support system-wide synchronisation accuracy in the sub-microsecond range with minimal network and local clock computing resources. Endace DAG (data acquisition and generation) cards can now generate and terminate IEEE1588 timing information for accurate synchronisation of distributed monitoring platforms. This timing information can be passed between cards using standard category 5 cabling.

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