Deluxe Digital London Selects the ConSentry Intelligent Switch

ConSentry Networks announces that Deluxe Digital London, a provider of a broad range of entertainment industry services and technologies, has selected the ConSentry intelligent switch to provide integrated user and application controls and granular network visibility for all users at its London office.

Deluxe Digital London sought a solution to provide access control and network visibility to enhance the integrity of its digital content. The company selected the ConSentry LANShield CS-4048 for its multiple features and capacity to deliver granular control and visibility in a single platform.

Easily deployed and configured, the LANShield Switch authenticates users against standard identity stores and automatically learns their roles. For each traffic flow, the switch identifies the application in use, applies policies based on role, and fully tracks all activities. This level of granularity ensures Deluxe Digital London is constantly aware of all activity on the network and can manage that activity to an individual user level.

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