ECtel and Amdocs Join Forces

ECtel has joined forces with Amdocs for the delivery of a state of the art fraud detection and prevention solution, based on ECtel's fraud prevention product - FraudView, and Amdocs system integration services.

Communication service providers continue to be challenged by growing fraud, resulting in revenue loss. In addition, fraudulent activities can lead to increased churn as customers seek providers that can deliver a flawless service experience.

FraudView is designed to meet the needs of wireline, wireless, convergent and next generation service providers. FraudView goes beyond traffic and usage monitoring, allowing advanced detection of fraudulent activity as part of customer acquisition, credit risk management and new subscriber evaluation processes.

The Amdocs-ECtel offering incorporates ECtel's FraudView and I-Probe technology. FraudView provides fraud detection capabilities such as a sophisticated real-time fraud rules engine, advanced score cards, velocity and collision engine, subscriber profiling and evaluating capabilities, advanced neural models and credit limit monitoring. When integrated with I-Probe, FraudView allows operators to enjoy unbiased and independent probe-based CDR coverage and real-time collection, with optional call blocking and in-band analysis. This provides customers with superior capabilities for real time monitoring and preventing fraud.

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