ProStor Systems Increases Removable Disk Cartridge Capacity by 67%

ProStor Systems has announced a capacity increase for the RDX removable disk to 500 GB native capacity. This is a 67% increase in capacity over the 300 GB removable disk cartridge, the previous capacity leader. The new 500 GB RDX removable disk cartridge will be available from Imation and Tandberg Data as well as their respective OEMs.

RDX disk solutions allow businesses to leverage the speed, instant access and reliability of disk, with the removability and offsite storage capabilities of tape. The new capacity increase means IT administrators can back up their entire server on a single RDX removable disk cartridge.

With a current installed base of more than 75,000 end users worldwide, RDX backup and data retention solutions have captured 90 percent of the removable disk market for business server and workstation backup. RDX solutions are compatible with most popular backup software, including EMC Retrospect, Symantec Backup Exec, Yosemite Backup, CommVault Galaxy and CA ARCserve software. RDX disk cartridges have been proven to have a data retention life of at least 30 years and are the best choice for long-term preservation of digital data.

Unlike tape drives which introduce incompatibility with each new generation and require the purchase of a new system, RDX docks and cartridge capacities are fully compatible and interchangeable. Users protect their technology investment simply by choosing the RDX disk cartridge capacities, ranging from 80 GB to 500 GB, which suit their specific applications.

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