Nirvanix CEO Patrick Harr Sees Cloud Storage as 'Box Killer'

Some people may take offense to being told that their "head is in the clouds", but not Nirvanix CEO Patrick Harr. With his company serving as the premier "Cloud Storage" platform provider, Harr is turning the phrase that suggests one is unrealistic or full of impractical ideas on its head and making it his personal mantra for a new way of thinking about data storage.

When many first regarded Cloud Storage as being an unrealistic and impractical idea, Harr and his team of storage and networking veterans set out to build a global cluster of storage nodes that intelligently stores, delivers and processes requests across a highly scalable online storage platform. The success of the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network now allows businesses to quickly and easily integrate media storage and delivery into applications, sustain exponential and often unpredictable storage needs, and conveniently monitor and control storage and bandwidth usage for multiple applications under one account. It is also ushering in another idea that many would have thought unrealistic the end of companies being forced, with no other option, into building and managing their own data centers for data storage.

"The box is dead", eulogizes Harr. "There are too many hurdles to overcome, too much expense in purchasing and managing massive amounts of hardware, and too much complexity for companies to continue purchasing data storage appliances from the box vendors in order to build and support their own network infrastructures. By providing the Storage Delivery Network, we are able to let businesses do what they do best develop their own businesses."

Nirvanix's Storage Delivery Network is offered as an on-demand service in a pay-as-you-go model providing companies instant integration, unlimited scalability and effortless control. Accessible via standards-based web services, the company's service ensures maximum uptime and service availability supported by application security, built-in data protection and a best-in-class data center infrastructure. Through Nirvanix's Internet Media File System (IMFS), companies can manage millions of users and billions of files without compromising quality or reliability.

"The Network has other proven features that make it an absolute 'box killer' for media companies looking to grow and prosper on the Net. We have built in seamless advanced media services that happen at upload such as media format transcoding, image manipulation, search and tagging for the richest media storage and delivery service available today. We have really transcended just the economic storage quotient", according to Harr.

"Companies today want to be able to quickly and easily integrate unlimited storage into their core applications without the time, expense and management headaches required by creating a network storage architecture within their own building", said Harr. "Truthfully, they only care that it works not how it works and we have been delivering 100% uptime. Give them unlimited ability to scale. Allow them to completely control and protect their own files. And empower them to contain unwieldy and surprising costs. As long as they have the ability to reach for the clouds, no one is going to lament the death of the box."

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