City of Utrecht Selects Finjan’s Secure Web Gateway

The City of Utrecht (Gemeente Utrecht) has deployed Finjan's Secure Web Gateway to secure its infrastructure and data and to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of its communications. Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands with a population of close to 300,000 citizens.

The City's 4,000 users are divided into different user groups, depending on their particular responsibilities and department. DDepartments include public services such as the Fire Department (Brandweer), Municipal Healthcare Services (GGD) and the Department of Civil Affairs (Burgerzaken). The City of Utrecht is both legally and ethically bound to protect the privacy of information.

The City needed security in the form of safe browsing for its users, requiring scanning of HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, P2P, IM, etc., as well as protection against Crimeware and Web 2.0 attacks. Other requirements included flexibility in allocating different security levels for different user groups; scalability to extent the amount of services and networks; availability of the network to ensure safe and fast performance; and easy management to reduce administration costs.

Due to these requirements, the City was looking for a proven technology that could provide such level of security and performance. Its heavy use of Internet as a communication and information tool makes it vulnerable to attacks by cybercriminals. The City also needed the ability to define specific security policies for different groups of users, since it wanted some of its departments and personnel to use Internet for research and e-government services, while others only need limited Internet access.

The security solution that the City of Utrecht was using before didn't meet its standards, since it was hampered by inefficient use of desktop resources and desktop maintenance, data theft and bandwidth. The City was also concerned about "social engineering" attacks towards their employees (duped into visiting infected websites).

The City of Utrecht decided to choose Finjan's Secure Web Gateway solution, based on the Vital Security Web Appliances NG-5000-S. The solution was implemented by Unit 4 Agresso, an authorized Finjan reseller in The Netherlands.

Deployed at the Internet gateway, three NG-5000-S appliances currently support the City's 4,000 users in a high availability configuration. These appliances feature Finjan's active real- time content inspection, Vulnerability Anti.dote and Anti-Spyware engines. By integrating several security engines in a single appliance, Finjan's comprehensive and integrated web security solution facilitates deployment, simplifies management, and reduces total cost of ownership.

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