Telrad Networks Introduces the Commatch 9015 IP to TDM

Telrad Networks has introduced the Commatch 9015. Telrad's Commatch 9015 is a high-density, multi-protocol IP to TDM gateway, enabling fullyfeatured VoIP interoperability with legacy TDM networks.

Telrad's Commatch product line includes a number of interoperability solutions to enable operators to continue to leverage legacy TDM infrastructure for further ROI while beginning to expand the network through advanced IP and NGN technologies. Previously, the Commatch line featured a number of specialized gateways to support VoIP services over specific access technologies with a TDM core. The Commatch 9015 presents all-purpose solution, offering greater flexibility to hybrid network operators with a SoftSwitch based IP core.

The Commatch 9015 provides all the necessary functions for voice and fax services over converged PSTN to IP networks (H.248 and SIGTRAN in the IP domain; SS7, ISDN PRI and MF/CAS in the PSTN domain). The Commatch 9015 can support up to 4096 DS-0s per shelf today in a full redundant system without any point of failure.

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