Replify Announces New Bi-directional Network Caching Technology

Replify has announced a new bi-directional network caching technology that results in a massive reduction in file transfer time over wide area networks.

Replify has now embedded its latest cross-protocol data reduction technology (XDR) in its Reptor application acceleration solution. XDR means that identical or updated blocks of data will be sent only as references across network connections. From the remote network user perspective this results in vastly improved download times and performance increases by orders of magnitude over 2,000 times depending on the specific applications.

Replify launched its Reptor server-side virtual appliance, branch office and client suite of products earlier in the year. The announcement that the Reptor solution now embraces its latest bi-directional network caching along with data reduction technology means that Replify's solution offers significantly increased performance and implementation benefits to customers compared to current hardware based offerings.

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